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Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Automated Sales Funnel

If you sell products or services online, and you do not have an automated sales funnel, you are basically forcing your prospective clients to swim upstream in order to purchase your product.

Since 96% of visitors that come to your website are not even ready to purchase yet, they will just lose interest when your product feels out of reach. 

An automated sales funnel should be an easy process for the buyer, it should guide them on a curated customer journey to purchasing.

So the problem is, how do you set up the right automated sales funnel soy you can transform their thoughts from “just browsing” to “I want to buy this now!”

Thankfully, we did that research for you, we have interviewed the top sales funnel pros and got the answers. Keep on reading to learn how to set up a sales funnel that will skyrocket your sales in no time! 

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the path that your visitors take from the moment they discover your product to the moment they decide to purchase it. One wrong step in your sales funnel could cause your visitors to bounce from your website or just not feel the need to purchase.

There are many different theories for designing the perfect sales funnel, and they all come down to the same four main sales funnel stages, awareness, interest, decision, and action (AIDA).


Awareness is when your service or product catches the attention of the prospective customer. This could be anything from your Facebook ad to word of mouth or browsing on Google.

Considering the fact that research tells us that we have only 3 seconds to make a brilliant first impression, you need to have your branding clear enough to lead them into the next stage. 


Once the consumer is in the interest stage, they are considering purchasing your product. At this stage, they are shopping around, comparing prices and value with your competitors.

During the interest stage, it is important to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. You want to make them WANT to learn more about your product, rather than sounding too sales-like and pushy. 


The decision stage of the sales funnel is when the consumer is seriously considering becoming a customer. They have researched your competition and probably have your product, along with a couple others all open on their web browser.

It is during this stage that you need to have an irresistible value to your product. It needs to appear like you are the only company that offers something this special. 

This could be in the form of a bonus product, free shipping, an extra discount, or a free session with you if you offer a service. 


Action is when the customer purchases your product. However, this does not mean that your sales funnel should be finished. Any successful automated sales funnel will have more incentives for the customer to return to purchase more products in the future. 

You could send them an email to thank them while inviting them back with a discount, or ask them to leave a review or feedback.

Learn More About Automated Sales Funnels

Now that you know the secrets about setting up an automated sales funnel, it is time to get selling!

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