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Your Health Is Priceless: How to Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in PA

Did you know that it is estimated that around 79 million people will enroll in Medicare by the year 2030? If you are entering into the world of Medicare but are feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to choose the best Medicare Supplement plans to make it easier on your pockets, you are in the right place. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Medicare Supplement plans in PA. 

Plan F

While each Supplemental plan is a bit different in each state, in the state of Pennsylvania it offers the most coverage and benefits when compared to the other Supplemental plan options. With this option, you will have a higher monthly premium but it might be worth it because of what it covers.

Part F will cover 100% of your hospital coinsurance that Part A does not cover. With Plan F you will also have your hospital costs covered up to 365 days after your benefits through Original Medicare become exhausted. 

Your Part B deductible will also be covered along with Part B copays, and coinsurance. If you ever choose to go to a nursing care facility your coinsurance will also be covered. 

Plan G

If you do not want to pay a higher monthly premium for your Medigap, you can opt for Plan G and still enjoy many of the benefits from Plan F but for a cheaper price. You will be covered with everything that Plan F covers except for your Medicare Part B deductible. 

Plan N

This option has a much lower monthly premium because it offers less coverage than F and G. With Plan N it will require you to pay a $20 copay for any office visits and $50 copay for Emergency room visits.

Plan N does not cover Part B deductible or Part B excess charges. 

When Can You Enroll?

The Medigap initial enrollment period is a six month time frame that starts when you are 65 years of age and enroll in Medicare Part B or when you are under 65 but have a disability that qualifies you for Medicare. 

As long as you apply during that six-month period you will not have to go through a medical underwriting process and insurance companies can’t deny you coverage based on any pre-existing conditions. 

In Pennsylvania, insurers have to sell Medigap policies by law to anyone that applies for a Medicare Supplement insurance plan, regardless of their age. 

Ready to Choose the Best Medicare Supplement Plans?

Now that we went over the best Medicare supplement plans in PA, you can make an informed decision on which would be best for your specific needs. If you think that you will be visiting the doctor more often then having a Supplemental plan that covers more might be the best option for you. 

Did our blog post help you out today? Please feel free to browse around and check back soon for some more helpful reads.