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Your Phone Will Thank You: 5 Cool Phone Accessories You’ve Got to Try in 2019

It goes everywhere with you, even the bathroom. You sleep next to it at night. You check it first thing in the morning and every 12 minutes during the day.

What is it?

Your phone, of course. 

Studies show that the average adult spends roughly three hours a day on their phone. If you’re a millennial, that number is much larger. Sure, we might be a little obsessed but it’s our lifeline, our connection to the outside world. 

Since we’re on our phones 24/7, it’s only natural that we get cool phone accessories for it. Thankfully, it doesn’t break the bank to make a huge difference in your efficiency and quality of life. 

In this article, we’re diving into the coolest accessories you need to try out this year. 

Get ready, it’s time to trick out our phones!

Cool Phone Accessories You Need to Buy This Year

For someone who never puts their phone down–heck, you’re likely reading this on it right now–you could use a little upgrade. Whether you’re looking for Android or iPhone accessories, we’ve got it all covered.

1. Suction Cup Car Mount

We aren’t suggesting you use your phone while driving but keeping your phone near eye-level is a lot safer when using Google Maps or taking a handsfree call. 

A suction cup car mount makes reading directions so much easier, plus the mount is very small so you don’t have to worry about blind spots. The strong suction keeps your phone secure, so you can forget about fishing between the seats for your phone that slipped.

2. Wallet Case

Are you a guy on the go with minimal pocket space? Or maybe you’re a woman who hates to bring her purse to the bar? Consider getting your phone a wallet case. 

Keep your phone, ID, cash, and credit cards safely on your person at all times; you never worry have to worry about bringing a wallet around with you again 

3. Magfast Chargers

It’s magnetic. It’s fast.


If you are looking for the perfect replacement to your bulky portable charger or your abundance of cables, consider this new, unique and inventive charging system

4. Waterproof Case

If you’ve got a boat or spend time on the water (or even sand and snow), then you need to invest in a waterproof case for your phone. 

Protect your phone from the elements with a waterproof case and your phone will truly thank you. 

5. PopSocket 

If you’re an online gamer or love scrolling through Instagram, a PopSocket is the perfect iPhone accessory for you.

This collapsible, grip for the back of your phone makes holding your phone a breeze. Never drop it on your face while scrolling in bed again. 

Your PopSocet can even act as a stand so you watch Youtube videos on your phone with ease. 

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