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You’re Getting Warmer: 3 Tried-and-True Ways to Excel as an HVAC Technician

Did you know HVAC technicians have a 15% job growth outlook? An HVAC technician also makes $47,000 on average, higher than the average American salary.

If you’re interested in starting a new career, a career in HVAC has many benefits.

But here’s the million dollar question—how do you know you will excel in the HVAC industry? HVAC encompasses more than just proper working A/C units, heaters, and furnaces.

If you’re starting your career in HVAC, here are 4 ways to excel in the field.

1. Have the Right Certification and Training

You can’t repair your own A/C and start in the field. You need proper training in order to get hired.

First, you need the necessary education. A high school diploma or GED is the first step. Fortunately, a traditional four-year college isn’t required.

But you have to attend an HVAC accreditation program, which can last anywhere between six months and two years. Two year HVAC programs can land you an Associate’s Degree.

You’ll learn many skills in school, but not all to succeed. This is why many HVAC professionals choose to work at an apprenticeship. This will take between three and five years, on average.

Speaking of skills…

2. Have the Right Skills

HVAC appliances are very complex. You have to be a skilled professional to succeed in the field.

This is to ensure you can perform repairs, diagnose any problems, perform maintenance tasks, and know when a customer needs a replacement (with industry knowledge to recommend new appliances).

Mechanically-inclined individuals succeed the best in the HVAC field. These are individuals who are good at repairing large appliances. In addition, physical strength is also essential.

You’ll likely have to lift and carry HVAC appliances, which are extremely large and heavy.

As mentioned previously, you’ll learn these skills in school. But you’ll get the best training when interning with a reputable company, such as Platinum AC.

3. Have the Right Personality and Lifestyle Traits

Technical skills aren’t the only necessary part of being a successful HVAC technician. HVAC techs also have specific personality and lifestyle traits.

First and foremost, you’ll always be on call.

Your customers’ HVAC systems can go out at any time of the day. Many HVAC companies are available 24/7, including on weekends. This means you may have to see a client at odd hours of the day.

Since you’re over at customers’ houses, it’s important that you’re friendly, respectful, and patient. Depending on the company, you may need to have good sales skills—especially if the company sells HVAC appliances.

Become an HVAC Technician!

If you’re looking for a promising career, become an HVAC technician. Now that you know the requirements, you can start your training and be on your way to a profitable career.

As well as becoming a successful HVAC technician, you should become a successful HVAC business owner.

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