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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Below you will find a sample outline that represents a typical outline and content of a board of directors meeting minutes report. There is no standardized format for a board minutes document. The most important factor is to document how board members reached their decisions in a reasonable manner.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Template

Meeting Minutes

A regular Board of Directors meeting was held on ____/____/______ at ____:____ AM / PM at corporate headquarters.

Board Members Present at the meeting:



Quorum present? Yes [__] No [__]

Others Present?



Meeting called to order at ____:____ AM / PM by Chair person _______________

The meeting minutes from the ____/____/______ meeting were amended and approved.

_______________________ was appointed chairperson of the meeting, and

_______________________ was appointed secretary to prepare a record of the


Chief Executive's Report:

Finance Committee Report:

Board Development Committee's Report:

Other Business:

Assessment of the Meeting:

Meeting adjourned at ____:____ AM / PM

Meeting minutes submitted by Secretary, _________________



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