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Sample Business Planning Process Template

Use this streamlined worksheet to help facilitate a business plan strategy.

Business Planning Process

Business Planning Process Worksheet

Business Vision:

What do you want your company to be?

Where do you want your company to go?

Vision: __________________________



Company Goals:

What is your purpose and mission?

How will you achieve your vision?

What is your promise to your customers?

Goals: __________________________



Marketing Strategy:

How will you grow your business?

How will you reach out to your customers?

What are the current opportunities that exist?

Strategey: _______________________



Financial Objectives:

What is your financial goal after your first year of operation?

What measurements will you use to determine if your goals are being met?

How will you measure success?

Objectives: ______________________



Action Plan:

What actions are you carrying out to achieve your vision?

What is your timeline for carrying out key projects?

How much will each project cost?

Plans: ___________________________





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