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Sample Certificate of Trust

Certification of Trust Agreement

Certification of Trust

The undersigned, hereby states the following:

Trustee: The undersigned is the trustee of the _____________ (the "Trust"). The Trust is not currently subject to any administration action by a probate court or similar court system and continues to be in full force and has not been revoked by any party.

Trust Provisions: Attached to this certification are true and accurate copies of all the specific provisions of the Trust:

o The creation of the Trust.

o The identity of the founding trustee(s).

o The provisions regarding any successor trustee(s).

o Provisions reserving the rights to terminate / revoke the Trust and / or change or amend any of its provisions.

o General administrative provisions.

o Signatures of the parties to the Trust Agreement.

Any provisions not attached to this certification are of personal nature and include information about the distribution of assets and other private matters and do not modify or affect the trustee powers.

The undersigned trustee does hereby certify that the above statements are true and correct. All parties that are given this Certification of Trust may rely on its accuracy and such parties shall not be held liable by the undersigned and the succors of the undersigned.

Signature of The Trustee



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