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Daily Inspection Form For Cranes

Crane Inspection Template

Crane Daily Inspection

Date: ____/____/______

Crane #: _____________

Operator / Inspector Name:


Check all items as indicated. Inspect and indicate as Pass = P; Fail = F; or Not Applicable = N/A.

Walk Around Inspection: Rating Operation Inspection Rating
Safety Guards and Plates   Area Safety  
Carrier Frame, Rotate Base   Unusual Noises  
General Hardware   Control Action  
Wire Rope   Brakes / Boom / Load  
Reeving   Crane Stability  
Block   No Load Test  
Hook   Fleating Sheave  
Sheaves   Limit Switches  
Boom / Jib   Operator Cab Inspection:  
Gantry, Boom Stop   Gauges  
Walks, Ladders   Warning Lights  
Wind Locks, Chocks   Control / Brakes  
Tires, Wheels, Tracks   Visibility  
Leaks-Fuel, Oil, Lube   Load Rating Charts  
Radius Indicator   Safety Devices  
Outrigger / Locking Device   Emergency Stops  
Machinery House Inspection: Rating   Rating
Housekeeping   Engine / Compressor  
Leaks - Fuel, Lube, Oil, Water   Lubrication  
Battery   Lights  
Glass   Clutch / Brake Lingins  
Electric Motor   Warning Tags  
Fire Extinguisher      





Operator's Signature

Supervisor's Signature



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