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Bank Credit Reference Form

Use this sample letter when conducting a background check on a business credit application.

Bank Credit Reference Template

Date: ____/____/________

To: _____________________________

RE: Credit Reference for [Company]

Account # ______________________

To whom it may concern,

The above mentioned company has filed a credit application with [Company] and listed your bank as a credit reference. With their Credit Application the applicant has given us authority to contact the listed references and receive confidential information regarding their credit history. Please find attached a copy of their Credit Application that has your bank listed as a bank reference and authorizing [Company] to receive the requested information.

We are looking for the following information:

1. What is the length of time that [Company] has had an open account with you?

2. What is the average daily account balance?

3. Is there a history of overdrafts on this account?

4. Do you have any open loans on your books with [Company]? If yes:

  • What is the outstanding balance?
  • Is the loan secured?
  • What is the collateral?
  • Has the repayment of the loan been on schedule?
  • Has [Company] been a good banking client?
Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best regards,

[Sign here]

[Your Name, Title]



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