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Customer Complaint Form

Next time you have an unhappy customer have them fill this customer complaint form out and learn from the situation so you do not make the same mistake again.

Business Network Members
  1. Last Tribe
  2. Anthony Hwy Auto Sales
  3. Everbrite
  4. Mike's Handyman and Maintena

Customer Complaint Template

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Date of visit: ____/____/________

Store Location: __________________________

Please tell us why you are not fully satisfied with your service from [Company]:

What can we do to make you happy and continue our business relationship?

Your Name: ________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

City, State and Zip: ___________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________

Business Network Members
  1. Cochran Oil Company
  2. 360 Complete Clean
  3. Georgia Jewels
  4. Quick Motorsports

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