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Free Home Business Tax Worksheet

A sample worksheet to use when organizing your home based business tax deductions.

Home Based Business Tax Deductions Worksheet

Home Business Tax Deductions

Business Use of Home:

1. Area that is used regularly and exclusively for business: ________ Sq. Ft.

2. Area that is used only partly for business: ________ Sq. Ft.

3. Total Area of Home: ________ Sq. Ft.

4. Breakdown of Day Care hours

Number of weeks used for Day Care: _______

Number of days used for Day Care: ________

Number of days closed for Holidays, Vacations, Etc.:_______

Number of hours of Day Care each day: _______

5. % Gross income from business use of home: _______


1. Deductible Mortgage Interest: _______

2. Real Estate Taxes: _______

3. Insurance: _______

4. Repairs and Maintenance: _______

5. Utilities: _______

6. Other Expenses: _______



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