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Identity Theft What To Do?

How to prevent fraud?

Identity theft has a significant impact on consumers everywhere. However, it is no longer only a consumer issue only, business identity theft or commercial ID Fraud is a new development. Use this checklist below to help put in place preventive measures to stop the indentity thief from creating a possible business failure and the first steps of responding to a commercial identity theft incident.

Small Business Identity Theft Checklist

[ ] Subscribe to your Secretary of State's Identity Theft Notification System.

[ ] From time to time check your business information on the Identity Theft Notification System that your State provides.

[ ] Obtain a commercial credit report for your business.

[ ] Sign up for electronic notifications from your bank, creditors, and other financial service providers.

[ ] Monitor your accounts and bills in a timely manner and immediately report any suspicious activity to the originating entity.

[ ] Always protect your Employer Identification Number (EIN), account numbers, and other important personal information.

[ ] Establish and follow a policy for carrying, using, and reporting a lost or stolen business credit card.

[ ] Inventory the documents you maintain and store only the documents that you must in a safe and secure location. Shred all discarded using a "confetti" shredder.

[ ] Do not share any sensitive information in emails or on any web based service.

[ ] If you notice suspicious activity consider it may be commercial identity theft.

[ ] If you have been a victim of identity theft report the theft to your local law enforcement agency immediately.

[ ] Contact your banks and credit providers and report the theft.

[ ] Contact all the largest credit reporting agencies and speak with their Fraud Department to report the crime and view a new copy of your commercial credit report.

[ ] Place a fraud alert on all your commercial business accounts.

[ ] Contact creditors where fraudulent accounts were opened in your business's name, and request documentation that was used to open or access the accounts.



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