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Sample Meeting Minutes

A great template to use when conducting a formal meeting where a record must be kept.

Meeting Minutes Template

Meeting Minutes

[Name of Group]

Board Meeting - [xx/xx/xxxx]

Meeting was called to order today at [xx:xx] am/pm at [location].

Was a quorum established: [__] Yes [__] No

Attendees that were present:

[List all those attending]


[List all those absent]

Approval of Minutes:

Motion: To approve the Minutes from [xx/xx/xxxx] Board meeting.

Vote: [motion vote results]

Resolved: [document any issues that were resolved since the last meeting.]


[List various reports that are presented and by who.]

Treasurer's report given by Jack Sparrow.


[List new business and vote results.]

Motion: Hire a pool maintenance company to clean the pool for $1,000 a year.
Vote: Motion Approved Unanimously

Meeting Adjourned at [xx:xx] am/pm



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