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Responsibilities of Officers

Simple template for listing business officer's responsibilities.

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Responsibilities of Officers

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Use this template to describe the responsibilities of various officers within your business. Examples of descriptions are listed for a CEO and other officers.

Chief Executive Officer

Insert Name Here

  Business Plan
  Overall Sales & Operations
  Public Relations
  Managing All Accounts
  Design & Installation
  Production Management
  Vendor Relations
  Technical Representation
  Development & Growth

Chief Marketing Officer

Insert Name Here

  Overall Sales & Marketing
  Overall Image & Website
  Public Relations
  Development & Growth
  Market Research
  Product Research

Chief Development Officer

Insert Name Here

  Development & Growth
  Overall Company Image
  Public Relations
  Vendor Relations
  Artist Development & Management
  Location Development

Chief Technical Officer

Insert Name Here

  Research & Development
  Technical Representation
  Manufacture & Design
  Company Innovation
  Records & Database
  Vendor Relationships
  Development & Growth
  Overall Company Operation

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