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Parking Violation Notice

A blank sample letter template of a parking violation notifying a tenant that their car will be towed if not moved within 48 hours. Additional comments allow the property management team to notify of violations such as expired registration, disabled vehicle notice or missitng hanging placard. The generic printable template can be customized with your own requirements and contact information.

Parking Violation Notice Template

Parking Notice


Initials: _________

Make: __________
Date: __________

Time: __________

Lic #: __________


Your vehicle is in violation of your Homeowner's Association Parking Rules and Regulations.

Your vehicle must be removed from the Association's Common area, including the guest parking area within 48 hours of the date and time above, or the vehicle will be towed at Owner's expense.

(301) 321 - 4567

Comment: _______________________







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