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Rebate Certificate

Congratulations on purchasing the complete course, you may now earn back the money you paid for the introductory course you purchased. It is easy to do:

1. Print out and complete this form.

2. Attach a copy of the invoice for the introductory course you previously ordered.

3. Enclose the two to your order form. You may then deduct from the material invoice the amount you were charged for the introduction.

4. Shipping charges are not eligible for the discount from your payment.

If you prepaid for the course you may still submit this form for reimbursement in the form of a credit to your account.

We are very pleased to offer you this way to earn back the money you previously paid for the introductory course and as always appreciate your business.

Customer Name:


Customer Account:


Introductory Course:


Introductory Course Charge:


New Order Total Amount:




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