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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

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Job Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for taking part in our Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey. This survey was created to give all our employees an opportunity to communicate with upper management on how you feel about your work at our company.

Please complete the survey by tomorrow at 5:00pm.

Rating Scale:
3 = Strongly Agree
2 = Neutral
1 = Strongly Disagree

Company Leadership:

[___] Our company is at the top of the industry.
[___] Our company is very competitive in important growth areas.
[___] Our company’s leadership is focused and clear regarding the future.
[___] Our company’s leadership has made positive changes for the company.
[___] Our company’s leadership has made changes that were positive for me personally.

Job Satisfaction:

[___] I receive the appropriate amount of recognition for my contributions at work.
[___] My work gives me a sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction.
[___] I am satisfied with my direct supervisor.
[___] Overall I feel secure in my job.
[___] Overall I am satisfied with my job.
[___] I am satisfied with the environment I work in.
[___] I could see myself retiring from this company.
[___] How would you describe your overall job satisfaction today compared to one year ago?

What can the company do specifically to improve your satisfaction as an employee?






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