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Starting A Business

Limited Liability Corporation
LLC Partnership Agreement
Profit Sharing Agreement
LLC Certificate of Formation
LLC Partner Resignation
LLC Member Buyout
LLC Member Withdrawal

Business Operations
Competitive Market Analysis
Break Even Analysis
Business Startup Expenses
Responsibilities Of Officers
Business Structure Form
Business Failure Prevention

3 Characteristics Of A Successful Business

What does it take to create a new business that survives and thrives? Over the years we've worked with many successful businesses and three common characteristics they share are that the owner did the following ...

  1. Do something you are passionate about
  2. Do something you have experience with
  3. Start out small with your new business
If the new business you start has the above three characteristics then your chances of succeeding increase. If your new business does not have these three characteristics then take some time and rethink your plan so it does. Remember, start out small doing something you love and are good at!

Here are free forms about starting a new business to help you get started.

Business Agreements
Proposal To Buy A Business
Independent Contractor
Joint Venture Agreement

Business Plan
Planning A Business
Blank Cover Sheet
Business Plan Outline
Strategic Template
Sample Business Plan
Confidentiality Agreement

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