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Paycheck Calculator

A perfect calculator for the independent contractor to figure out what their take home pay is going to be after taxes. Just enter your gross pay, pay period, filing status, state and local tax rates along with pre-tax deductions such as 401k and receive your take home pay amount.

Take Home Pay Calculator

Paycheck Calculator

Input Variables: Gross Pay Pay Period Filing Status Number of Allowances Tax Deferral, 401(k) Other Pre-Tax Deductions State and Local Taxes Other Post-Tax Deductions Post-Tax Reimbursements
Periods Per Year
Est. Gross Annual Pay
One Allowance
Federal Taxable Gross
Excess Over
Plus X% of Excess
NET Take-Home Pay
FICA Social Security
FICA Medicare
Federal Tax
Tax Deferral Plan
Pre-Tax Deductions
State and Local Taxes
Post-Tax Deductions
Post-Tax Reimbursements

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