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Sample Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template

A good business plan template can help you get organized and provide you a guideline to kickstart your planning process. It can show you a general structure of a standard business plan. Below you will find a free business plan template that is in a format that is preferred by many banks and SBA lenders when working with small businesses asking for financing.

Small Business Business Plan Template

1.0 Executive Summary

[Summarize your key points about your business plan.]

2.0 Company Summary

[Describe your company in detail, who you are and where you operate.]

2.1 Start-Up Summary

[Summarize you Start-Up Table numbers that include both expenses and assets.]

3.0 Services

[Describe the products and / or services that your company offers and how they are provided and by who. Also, include plans for any future service offerings.]

4.0 Market Analysis Summary

[Describe the different groups of target customers that are included in your market analysis and then explain in detail why you are selecting this demographic.]

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

[Summarize your organizational strategy for target marketing, various sales and marketing activities, along with product and service development with an objective of building a focused and consistent sales and marketing strategy. ]

5.1 Sales Forecast

[Explain the Sales Forecast Table.]

5.2 Milestones

[Describe the milestones that are laid out in the Milestone Table.]

6.0 Management Summary

[Describe the management and personnel structure of the company, including any openings that need to be filled.]

7.0 Financial Plan

[Summarize the financial aspects of your Business Plan.]

7.1 Start-Up Funding

[Explain where your funding will come from and if it will be an investment or a loan. Also, include how this funding will be sufficient to cover all start-up cost requirements that are included in the Start-Up Table.]

7.2 Projected Profit and Loss

[Explain all the key points of your Profit and Loss projections. For example, break down the percentage increase in sales and profits, your gross margin, and important budget items.]



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