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What is a QR Code

A QR Code (stands for quick response) is a type of barcode readable by smartphones with a QR reader application installed. When the QR Code is scanned it can direct the user to a website address or provide a variety of information -
  • Calendar Event
  • Email Address
  • Geo Location
  • Phone Number
  • SMS
  • URL
  • Wifi Network
To create a QR Code you use a generator. There are several free generators available that are very easy to use. To read a QR Code you use a reader installed on a smartphone. A list of free generators and readers is provided below.

Steps To Create A QR Code To A Website Address

(1) Go to a QR Code generator such as Z xing

(2) Select the [Contents] pull down menu and select URL

(3) Enter your website address (i.e.

(4) Select the [Barcode size] pull down menu and select S, M or L depending on how big you want the barcode image to be. If you are not sure select S for Small which is 120 x 120 pixels. You can always create in other sizes as needed later.

(5) Click [Generate]

This will create your QR Code image to the right. You will want to save this graphic image so that you may use it on future marketing materials such as a business card or flyer.

(1) Select the link [Download] underneath the image

(2) Right click on the QR Code image and select [Save Image As]

(3) Name the image file and save to a location on your computer

Check to make sure your QR Code works as intended by testing it on your own phone. See below for QR Code readers.

Marketing Metrics

Impressions -
The number of times the QR Code is displayed

Scans -
The number of people who scan the QR Code and are directed to your url landing page

Scan Rate -
The number of scans divided by the number of impressions provides the percentage of people who scanned the QR Code

Actions -
The number of people who ultimately buy or take action based on your marketing goal

Conversion Rate -
Divide the number of Actions by the number of Scans to determine the percentage of people who converted into sales or your marketing goal

Best Practices

Here are a few things to do that will increase the number of people who respond to your QR Code (1) Display the code prominently so it stands out (2) Provide instructions on how to scan the code including where a reader can be downloaded (3) When possible link to web content created to be displayed on mobile phones.

14 Million Americans Scanned QR Codes on their Mobile Phones in June 2011
Newspapers/Magazines and Product Packaging Most Likely Source of QR Code

QR Code Ideas

- Coupon, discount or deal
- Sweepstakes entry
- Additional information
- Complete a purchase
- Email more information
- Access video content
- Interact with social media
- Upcoming event calendar

Examples Of Where To Put Your QR Code

- On a business card
- On a flyer for an event
- On a direct mail postcard
Case studies providing successful uses of barcodes in marketing

Select the following link to view a QR Code providing our contact information

Example Of A QR Code

Use one of the following to read QR Codes

QR Code Readers

Online Readers

Use one of the following to create a new QR Code

QR Code Generators

QR Code Toolbox
Creates QR Codes that perform actions on social networking sites like Facebook
Connects QR Code scans with your LinkedIn account
A blog for QR Code news
Tracking, news, and forum

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