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American businesses face an unusual and potentially long-term problem in the ongoing labor shortage. In fact, just shy of 50 percent of businesses see it as a serious concern. It’s also a problem that reaches across industries, including warehouses. On top of that, most warehouses don’t want any person they can get to come in [...]

A postage stamp can be worth as little as a few cents or as much as a few million dollars. If you like stamp collecting or if you keep letters for sentimental value then you may already have one of the most valuable stamps in the world. While it’s unlikely that your stamp collection is [...]

Every year, there are more than 1.2 million violent crimes that take place throughout the country. And those are just the acts of violence that are reported. Unfortunately, there are also lots of victims to violence who don’t ever come forward and report them. Some of these people downplay a violent incident and let it go [...]

There are over 50 fragrance businesses that operate in the United States. Yes, there is quite a bit of competition, but plenty of opportunities as well. The fragrance industry is diverse. There are products for men and women. Additionally, some products are specifically targeted to certain age ranges.  The fragrance industry is only growing. If [...]