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10 Car Dealer Marketing Ideas for Social Media to Drive More Traffic to Your Site and Through Your Door

Today’s car buyers care more about your social media than your web site.

Everyone needs a website, but it’s not enough for your marketing campaign. Yes, TV and radio advertisements are still reliable for brand awareness. But, even those forms of marketing are becoming old fashion.

The average person spends almost a third of their day interacting with social media. If you don’t have an effective social media presence you are missing that valuable screen time. The best way to get people into your dealership is through social media.

How do you know if you’re making the right social media moves?

It’s not enough to just be on social media, you have to do it right. Here are ten car dealer marketing ideas to revamp your strategy and get more traffic.

1. Tell Your Dealership’s Story

A lot of people look at car dealerships as typical chain stores. You represent whichever car company is on your sign.

But, you know that your store has its own unique charm and character.

With social media, you can show off that your dealership is more than just the cars you sell.

One example is to showcase your business’s charity work and community outreach. This exposure is key to a modern marketing campaign.

If you tell your business’s story, people will listen.

2. Make Your Salespeople Stars

Car sellers usually get a bad rap. People consider many of them to be sketchy and insincere. You can use your social media to change that public opinion by highlighting your sales staff. 

Humanizing your employees through pictures can make potential customers trust them more.

If buyers are more comfortable in the store, they will feel more comfortable buying a car.

3. Show Off Your Skills With “How-To” Guides

Another way to gain consumers’ trust is by establishing yourself as an expert. One way to show off your knowledge without being a braggart is through “how-to” guides. 

Using video or blog posts can educate your consumers on a variety of topics. Giving them buying tips and car maintenance suggestions will display an attractive transparency for your dealership.

For example, check out this post about fuel economy by Viking Motors. Empowering your consumers with knowledge will prove you have nothing to hide.

4. Get Customers to Write Raves

People trust the opinions of fellow consumers. Websites like Yelp have made it even easier for positive or negative word-of-mouth to spread.

To get more people posting your praise on social media, try offering them incentives. It could be just a small discount or free swag.

Consumers will be more likely to say nice things about your dealership if they are getting something in return. 

5. Make Your Dealership More “Pinteresting”

One way to stand out in the crowded social media landscape is to use a less popular platform. Facebook and Twitter are saturated with dealerships. Try using Pinterest in addition to those platforms. 

One great advantage of Pinterest is that it appeals to the underserved female market. To these savvy ladies, aesthetics are paramount. You can showcase appealing pics of your inventory and attract this coveted clientele.

Using Pinterest in chorus with the other major platforms will ensure that you leave no social media rock unturned. 

6. Everyone Loves Before and Afters

Whether it’s an extreme weight loss or a stunning makeover, “before and after” pictures are like social media catnip. 

This is a great way to showcases services you offer in addition to car sales. Display a mud soaked truck before it gets a sparkling new wash. Feature a nasty wreck before and after its road ready again.

Before and afters inspire people to think of their own car and how your dealership can make it a lot better. 

7. Make People Feel Like Winners

Online contests can get consumers posting about your dealership with little effort on your part. Consumers will do all the leg work and you’ll get some great online exposure.

Partner up with a local company and offer tickets or gift cards if they post themselves at your dealership. Or, you can have people simply give your dealership a shout out on their social feeds.

Whatever your approach, contests are a great way to ingratiate yourself with the community online and IRL.

8. Give People a Look Behind the Curtain

There’s a lot of public intrigue in the goings-on of a dealership. Why not demystify your dealership with behind-the-scenes content?

Showoff the arrival of new cars. Give consumers a look inside the maintenance facilities. Let them see all the work your staff does when they aren’t selling.

Behind the scenes content is a great digital marketing strategy to give consumers a better understanding of how your business runs. This will help create more consumer trust.

9. Go Viral

You can also create social media content that has no educational value. A viral video can create global awareness of your dealership.

The best way to go viral is to create a fun, must-see video. You can use your sales force to do a choreographed dance. Or, maybe set up a silly prank.

Though it isn’t easy to come up with a slam dunk viral video concept, if you can think of one it can be very lucrative. Even if the video doesn’t catch on, it’s still valuable. You can show the local community your dealership is a fun place to shop! 

10. Outsource Your Social Media

If all these steps sound like too much work for your already very busy day, then try outsourcing your social media marketing. There are young, savvy people who can run all your social accounts.

This is the best way to ensure you’ll always be up to date and ahead of the competition. 

Raise Your Car Dealer Marketing Game

Advertising and websites won’t cut it anymore. The best car dealer marketing is now through social media. Stay ahead of the curve and raise your social game.

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