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10 Great Reasons to Hire Professional Lawn Care Services

Around 80 million Americans have lawns outside of their homes, which proves we’re crazy about looking after our outdoor spaces.

Maintaining a healthy lawn not only looks great but creates an inviting first impression. And while we can try doing this ourselves, it’s far more beneficial to hire professional lawn care services.

Not sure why? Here are the top 10 reasons you should.

1. Saves Time 

According to a survey, Americans spend 70 hours a year tending to their lawn.

When you’re working full-time while juggling family life and errands, the last thing you want to do is work on your yard.
The process alone is time-consuming, potentially taking over valuable weekends, and you won’t know how long it’ll take to reach your desired results.

Instead, let lawn care service companies take over the fertilization, seeding, and other essential tasks so you have free time to do your favorite things. 

2. Less Physical Labor 

“Are lawn services worth the money?” You ask. 

It’s important to remember that looking after your lawn is labor-intensive and takes several hours per day. This isn’t possible for older homeowners especially if they’re at risk of falling or injuring themselves. 

You may have a condition that stops you from working outside or you may not feel like it. If so, you’d benefit from hiring lawn mowing services to help you.

3. Cost-Effective

When considering yard work pricing, it’s important to remember that DIY lawn care appears cost-effective but it’s often not the case.

You have to buy lawn care products, proper equipment, and tools. But if you make any mistakes, you must repeat the work which will take more time and resources. For instance, you could over- or under-water your lawn or cut the grass too short which a professional will then have to fix.

It’s easier to Google “lawn care services in my area” as they can prevent costly damage from mistakes and finish the job in limited time with the right equipment. This means you’ll save money in the long-run. 

4. Regional Differences and Climates

Lawn care professionals know the different regions and how various climates affect the type of plants and grass growing in your yard.

You could research to understand this, but you also must learn how to maintain your new yard. Only a professional knows your yard’s needs so they can create a unique plan for your lawn.

5. State-of-the-Art Equipment 

Most homeowners have lawnmowers but you also must buy edgers, trimmers, leaf blowers, and the special tools for fertilization.

Calling a professional lawn care service has the right equipment and knowledge to operate everything for the best results, so you’re left with a gorgeous lawn. 

Discuss any issues you have with your yard so the company can get specific equipment and help you.

6. Consistent Care

Around 66% of Americans say they feel embarrassed if their lawn isn’t up to par with the rest of their neighborhood. 

Because of this, you must stay on top of an effective lawn care routine which is challenging when you’re busy. Luckily, lawn care companies offer weekly services so your lawn stays pristine.

7. Knowledge and Expertise

You may wonder, “how much is lawn service?”

The price varies between companies depending on their expertise and the amount of work needed in your yard. Whatever the cost, it’s worth it as professionals have the right expertise and equipment for the job.

Research shows that one in three Americans don’t know how often to water their lawn and 31% who have a lawn, don’t know how to grow a healthy one.

These statistics show that although we love our lawns, we don’t have the knowledge to properly maintain and keep our lawns healthy. 

8. Safety and Liability Concerns 

Operating a lawnmower can be dangerous as it can throw objects into houses, cars, and even people. Other maintenance equipment might spill oils or nasty chemicals into lawns and ruin them if incorrectly used.

But most lawn care services have insurance to cover any damage or accidents. They also have proper safety training when mowing or servicing equipment.

9. Get Your Desired Look

You want a lush lawn filled with healthy grass and hope to spend your free time maintaining your lawn. But doing this will drain your energy and you won’t be able to fully appreciate down-time in your yard.

Instead, hire a professional who can solve your lawn care problems to get your desired results. These guys have years of experience and know when to fix potential problems early on which saves you money. 

Further, knowing how to best enhance your lawn goes far beyond the general homeowner’s skill set.

10. Boosts Home Value

Investing in lawn care professionals can pay off big time as it increases the value of your home.

Unlike other home improvement projects, landscaping can give you a 100% return of investment (ROI) and increase your home’s value by 15%

This is fantastic if you’re planning to sell your home as a great lawn will boost your home’s curb appeal, the first impression buyers have of your home.

Hire Professional Lawn Care Services

Professional lawn care services are the lifeblood of your yard as they have the equipment and know-how to ensure your outdoor space is thriving.

Avoid DIY jobs because you may make mistakes and further damage your lawn which will be more expensive than hiring a professional. Plus, you won’t have the right insurance or training if any damage occurs. Happy hiring!

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