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10 Signs of Low Testosterone That You Should Know

The testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) sector worldwide is estimated to be over US $1.6 billion.

An increased number of individuals is seeking therapies that boost the level of testosterone in their bodies. This has been attributed to both lifestyle diseases as well as advancement in age.

Testosterone is a hormone found in the male population that is responsible for making of reproductive tissues. Testosterone replacement therapies help your body increase the levels of testosterone. This can be either through normal pills or in extreme cases, injections.

Do I have low testosterone? One symptom should not be enough to conclude that levels of testosterone are low.

In this article, we list 10 signs of low testosterone levels that you should know.

1. Unexplained Loss Of Hair

The main feature that distinguishes men from women is the availability of facial hair like beards which has a direct relationship with levels of testosterone in the body. It’s,however, a topic that conflicts both scientific findings and common beliefs. Many people believe that men who are bald have high levels of testosterone but this cannot be verified.

If you realize you are losing some of the facial hairs, it is advisable you seek tests on the levels of testosterone in your body. This does not just apply for facial hair, but any other hair loss unless you are balding.

2. Low Sexual Drive Among Men

Reduced sexual urge is attributed to many other factors in life but low testosterone levels is one of them. Such a symptom requires extensive scrutiny by a doctor.

Sexual drive is one of those issues in a man that should be effortless but low testosterone can negatively affect your sex life.

3. Low Muscle Mass even After Bodybuilding

If your body has had a buildup of muscles and then you realize you are losing some of that, seek a testosterone test. Muscles build-up has a direct link to levels of testosterone in the body.

The main concern should be with people who despite bodybuilding, their muscles are either not building or are shrinking.

4. Mood Swings And Irritability Can Be Signs Of Low Testosterone

Have you noticed you are easily getting angry? Or have you noticed you have flashes of emotional outbursts? These could be symptoms of low testosterone levels in your body.

Testosterone helps the body regulate emotions. Symptoms of low testosterone in men should not be taken to mean your sexual orientation is changing.

5. Unexplained Hot Flashes

This symptom is the least understood. Men who are undergoing chemotherapy often get these flashes. This often happens when levels of testosterone are almost diminished in the body. Because this symptom is not very well understood, be quick to seek medical check once they appear.

In case it’s diagnosed, you can explore the market for medication. You can get testosterone gel for sale in the market. It is an ideal drug, however, get your physician’s approval before purchase.

6. Erectile Dysfunction

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. This low testosterone symptom should be looked into together with the low sexual drive symptom. In the event you are a having a low sexual drive, and cannot maintain an erection, chances are that you could have low testosterone.

The number of men experiencing erectile dysfunction has been increasing but this phenomenon is not entirely related to low testosterone levels. You should however not rule out low testosterone levels as one reason.

7. Low Sperm Count And Infertility Should Raise A Red Flag

One of the signs of infertility can be low levels of sperm count. If you and your partner have been trying to conceive without success, your sperm count could be low. It is good to confirm and test on the levels of sperm count before you conclude on your situation.

Once you determine your sperm count is low, then conduct another test on the cause of the reduction of sperm count. Low levels of testosterone might be the cause.

8. General Fatigue Even With Prolonged Resting

General fatigue is listed as one of the low testosterone symptoms in men. Many men with reduced levels of testosterone complain of general fatigue and lack of concentration no matter how long they rest.

Besides, they complain of insomnia or other sleep-related issues. It is advisable to seek help in case you realize these signs.

Observe how your day is and if you realize the same symptoms day after day, check with your doctor to rule out other diseases.

9. Reduced Bone Mass and Osteoporosis

Testosterone plays a major role in building bone tissues. When there is a reduction of this, the bones become weak and can lead to osteoporosis. The body has a difficult balance with both estrogen and testosterone in managing bone mass and if the balance is tilted, bone mass is affected.

Reduction in bone mass can lead to bone fractures and should not be ignored. The symptom is common for men over 60 years of age.

10. Reduction in Testicle Size Can Be Caused By Low Testosterone

Any change in size, color, and texture of the testes can be alarming to any man. Men who have low testosterone have reduced sizes in their testes as the hormone reduces the semen production activity.

There are other causes of change in testes size but low testosterone is a major one. Doctors always encourage patients to keep a track of the size and feel of the testes as it is prone to other complications like testicular cancer.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels Should Not Be Ignored

Low testosterone levels can lead to many of the signs we have listed above. However, be very sure whether these are signs of low testosterone levels or could be another ailment. It is advisable you have at least two or three symptoms before you conclude it’s about testosterone levels.

With male sexuality being a very personal and sensitive issue, sharing with a medical officer can help you solve some of these issues. Be open with your doctor and be ready to adopt a new lifestyle.