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11 Creative Home Office Ideas That’ll Inspire Your Best Work

In 2017 alone, a survey conducted among 15,000 adults found out that over 43% of them worked from home at some point. The number is expected to rise over time with the number being inclusive of both the employed and freelancers.

Therefore, do you feel like you’re part of this statistic? If so, you need some inspiration for your home office. While the idea of working from home may sound exciting at first, coming up with a good and serene working space can be quite a challenge.

Whether you live in a small or big apartment, there are wonderful ideas that can help turn your working space into a better environment for work. That being said let us take a look at some of home office ideas that will add that wow factor to your office and make you even more productive.

Read on to find out some creative home office ideas that will totally change the way you work.

1. Add a Dash of Color

Offices are known to be dull and boring. While this might be the case in a traditional office setting, at home, you get the chance to spice up your office by playing around with colors.

Choose a blend of cool and warm colors that work for you. Pick a bright color for your office carpet or pillows. You can also either paint the walls a little differently or use a nice colorful wallpaper for your walls.

2. Get a piece of art

A nice wall painting will instantly add life to your office. You can also get awesome pictures of your family members framed and have them sitting on your desk or hang them on your walls.

Paintings are not only decorative but they will also give you something to stare at instead of staring at a blank wall. You can also create a mini art gallery just to make things more fun. This is a great idea for a home office décor.

3. Cabinets and Shelves

The possibility of having clutter in the home office is quite high. To avoid such, consider adding in a few shelves or cabinets that you can use as storage.

Remember, you can have your cabinets mounted on the walls to save up on space. If you choose to have open cabinets, ensure that you keep them neatly arranged.

4. Do Not Forget the Lighting

Improper lighting will not only make your office look dull but can also affect your performance. If the location of your office does not allow great access to natural light then you have to be smart with your lighting.

Throw in a desk lamp and maybe get some scones too to boost up the light. You will also need to select the right kind of lighting bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Whichever light you choose, remember safety first.

5. Keep the Room Warm

It does not matter if your office is in the garage or a room in the house, insulation is important. This is because it is hard to concentrate on your work when you are freezing. Make sure your home office is well insulated.

Find out more about insulation so that you can get the right kind of insulation for your office. This way your room will stay cozy no matter the season.

6. Put in Some Green

Plants are always a nice addition to any room. In fact, some plants help to improve the quality of air that we breathe.

This is yet another home office décor idea that will both look good and still add color to your office and if you are working with a small place, one pot plant and one desk plant would do just as well.

7. Maximize Your Space

When it comes to a home office, there is no such thing as a very small space even if you are using working from a living room office. You can create your own version of a corner office.

Work with what you have in the best way possible since there are amazing small office space ideas that can inspire your creativity.

8. Get the Right Furniture

You will be spending a lot of time sitting on your office chair as you work, and this means that comfort is key. The wrong kind of furniture will definitely affect your productivity.

Get a comfortable chair with a backrest that will ensure your comfort, but if you have enough space, get a comfy couch or a smart chair.

9. Blend in Vintage and Modern

There is something about mixing old and new that does some magic to a room. You can throw in an old rug or a piece of furniture to add up to the look.

If you do not have anything vintage in your home, visit an antique shop in your are and pick something that will match your home office.

10. Make It Personal

If you are working with an interior designer to help change the look of your office, make sure to add your own finishing touch. This will add a personal appeal to your office ideas. Throwing in something that only you can identify with will definitely give you the feeling of being in charge.

11. Black Is Back

If you are not a lover of colors, then you can consider playing around with black. Black tends to bring out a sophisticated look that will work well with a home office. By blending black and gray, you’ll end up with a great looking working space.

Benefits Of A Creative Home Office

Having the right kind of office in your living area has its advantages.

Some of which are:

  • The dedicated workspace will reduce distractions
  • It will lead to more productivity
  • Creative workspaces reduce boredom
  • The décor will help reduce stress levels

Simplicity and Safety Are Key When It Comes to a Creative Home Office Design

Whichever style you use to work with, be as creative as possible. Remember, creative does not necessarily mean expensive. If you had a budget, work within your budget and you will still be able to come with an excellent home office that you will enjoy.

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