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5 Winning Email Marketing Tips for Generating More Leads

Are you struggling to reach customers? There’s an obvious strategy you need to consider: emails!

About 80% of adults in the US use email. Meanwhile, the 3.8 billion email users worldwide make up about 50% of the world’s population. 

In fact, email marketing has an amazing ROI. For every $1 spent, you can get a return of $44!

Not sure where to start with your next campaign? Give these five email marketing tips a try.

With these tips, you can reach customers and gather leads. Boost your ROI with these tips today.

1. Segment Your Contacts

Over 50% of email marketers say email list segmentation helps personalize lead nurturing.

Segmenting your email list will help you craft targeted messages within your emails. You’ll have an easier time connecting with customers as a result. 

While crafting your emails, don’t forget to keep it personal. Add the subscriber’s name to the subject line and body. You can also use the data from your segmentation list.

For example, if you have lists that separate consumers based on the products or services they purchased, use that to your advantage! Add imagery of similar products to draw them in.

2. Brand Your Template

A bland email template can bore readers before they even look at the first line. Instead, create a branded template that draws the eyes.

Start with an eye-catching header image. Make sure to grab the reader’s attention from the start.

Then, use your brand colors to build awareness and recognition.

3. Compel and Persuade

As you use these email marketing tips, think about ways you can persuade your readers to visit your website. What do your customers care about? Use their needs and interests to draw them in.

Try using a headline that makes an offer. Then, explain why that offer benefits the customer. Consider using dynamic content to save yourself time.

You can learn about dynamic email content here.

End with a strong, compelling CTA to give them a push.

Persuasive messaging can help you boost leads and sales with your email campaign.

4. Shorten the Subject

Your subject line is the first thing consumers see from your emails. If your subject line isn’t compelling, they’ll click away right away.

First, make sure to shorten your subject line. Instead, you want to tease the readers. Entice them into opening your email.

Try telling a joke or saying the unexpected.

Have fun with your marketing campaign subject lines and readers will, too.

5. Always A/B Test

You won’t know what works for your customers until you try it. Use A/B testing with your email campaign to test different images, subject lines, and text.

Then, review the data. Determine what boosts your open and clickthrough rates. Then, use that data in your next email campaign!

Give Business a Boost: 5 Successful Email Marketing Tips for Sweet Success

A successful email marketing campaign can help you draw in new and repeat customers. With these email marketing tips, you can create a campaign primed to boost leads. Start generating more business with these easy tips today!

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