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7 Blackout Tips for Surviving an Extended Power Outage

Power outages currently cost the United States economy over $150 billion annually. Further, the average American household can stay without electricity for up to four hours during a power blackout. The frustrations and inconveniences that follow during such instances are unfathomable. 

Your power supply supports most house-hold activities, including entertainment, lighting, and cooking. In the case of a blackout, events in most households almost come to a standstill. Given the unpredictability of such power interruptions, prior preparations can help you remain level headed amid the darkness.

With these blackout tips, you no longer have to worry about the recurrent instances of power outages. You can now survive the blackout by prepping well ahead of time. 

1. Have Your Solar Lights on the Ready

If you have not invested in solar landscape lights already, this is one option worth considering. This one-time investment allows you to have stable lighting in case of a blackout. All you need is to bring your fully-recharged solar lights inside, and you’ll be good to go.

Solar lights only require a stable supply of natural sunlight to keep them fully charged. Unlike candles, these lights don’t pose any safety hazard to your home. You can return these lights out once the lights are back.

2. Consider a Generator

One of the age-long trusted items on your power outage kit is a standby generator. Most households and small business premises have turned to generators as reliable sources of auxiliary power supply during instances of power interruptions. The best thing about generators is that you can buy a pre-used generator cheaply. 

Such generators help keep the electrical systems working for at least eight hours following a power outage. You need to understand the types of generators and ensure that you settle for a unit that serves your needs. You’ll have the choice between standby, portable, or inverter generators.

It would also help to research the generator’s manufacturer before settling for a used generator. At Central State diesel generators, you can get a wide range of used generators at affordable prices. 

3. Consider Alternative Water Sources  

Whether you depend on municipal water sources or well-water, the pressure is always a constant concern. Power helps pump underground water into your house. You also need a steady flow of power if you depend on municipal water.

If you’re wondering what blackout tips to consider to help sustain a steady flow of water during a power outage, then sinks and buckets can come in handy. It would be best if you considered filling the bathtub with water to be on the safe side. Ensure that you seal your drains then fill every available bucket with water.

This move will help ensure that you can flush the toilets, take a bath and cook even while in an extended power outage. Having alternative water storage options can help you survive the blackout with incredible ease.

4. Keep a Power Bank Close to You

If you’re considering what items to include in your power outage kit, then a power bank should top the list. It will help if you keep your laptops and a gaggle of phones charged to keep up communication or work-related assignments. One of the top blackout tips you must consider is keeping a well-recharged and reliable power bank. 

The average smartphone user spends four and a half hours on their phone every day. With such kind of trends in phone usage, it would help to have a reliable alternative phone charging system in case of a sudden power outage. A fully-charged power bank can make the difference in case you need backup, especially during rainy seasons.

5. Have an Emergency Plan in Place 

Most power outages occur during seasons of extreme weather, such as winter. It’s essential to have a sensible emergency plan during such instances. You want to have your safety and that of your family as a priority during such cases.

An emergency plan should involve escape routes in extreme weather, emergency meeting points, and quick SOS contacts. This would help you prepare in advance for any unprecedented situations and ensure that you respond accordingly. If you live in a region with a history of extended blackouts due to extreme weather, having an emergency response plan can be an essential step.

6. Stock Up your Emergency Tool Kit

It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. You can start by creating your emergency tool kit one block at a time. Your power outage kit should contain every essential item you might need in case of power interruptions. Some of the vital elements include flashlights, batteries, and medical supplies.

You might also consider stocking up a radio for communication in case of dead phones. During an extended power outage, anything can happen. As such, ensure that you also stock up an adequate supply of perishable foods to help you survive in case you can’t cook. 

You should also have a set of protective masks, fire extinguishers, and fire starters close to you. The other critical device in your kit should be any form of portable cooking appliance. This could include a grill or a propane stove to help you cook while dealing with the power outage. 

7. Report All Special Healthcare Equipment 

One of the most critical roles power supply plays in most modern homes is supporting healthcare equipment. With telemedicine and home care, patients in the United States can now recuperate while at home using home-based health equipment. But this is impossible without a stable power supply.

You might need to report to your power company in case of such life-support equipment. This allows such companies to prioritize you if they need to reconnect power following an outage. However, you should also consider alternative sources of power for such equipment in case of extended power interruptions. 

Avoid Power Outage Troubles With These Blackout Tips 

Power outages are sudden and frustrating. Most times, these outages leave you confused and cause unimagined losses. The best first step in such cases is to admit that you’re powerless. 

It would be best if you then considered taking all the precautionary measures to ensure you’re ready for any extended power interruptions. With these blackout tips, you no longer have to worry about the prolonged periods of darkness. 

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