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7 Essential Places to Put Your Business Logo

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Think of your logo as your company’s badge of honor. It’s what makes your brand recognizable and stand out from the crowd. To avoid an identity crisis, put your logo where it’s going to get the highest visibility.

Here are the best places to ensure your logo sticks in the minds of consumers.

1. Websites, Blogs and Social Media Sites

Wake up! It’s the digital age. Website logos get displayed alongside key pieces of your brand story. These could be the bio and tagline. It’s easy for people to look at these brand elements together and connect them.

Always customize the site icon. That way your logo will always stay visible when multiple browser tabs are open.

2. Put Your Logo on Custom Clothing

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt? Not so fast. T-Shirt Printing is affordable and makes your logo highly visible. Everyone loves checking out another person’s clothing.

Staff uniforms should be custom printed with your logo. You can also offer polos, hats, or vests to sell. Use these as giveaways at sponsored events to get your logo in front of new customers. 

3. Business Cards

Most of us do much of our networking online. There are though occasions when we need a good old-fashioned business card to pull out of our pockets. You can also slip them into the mail you send to customers. Always include your logo on them.

4.  Forms and Invoices

Repetition is critical when you’re new to brand building. Invoices and business forms let you distribute branded items routinely. 

You should always use your business logo in letters and emails. Customers see branded business stationery as a sign of professionalism. Get yours printed with the logo in the letterhead. Include logos near the contact information in your emails. 

5. Business Vehicles

Think of your company vehicles as moving billboards inviting people to learn more about you. Use large versions of your logo and include the web address of your company. Make the font big enough so customers have no trouble reading the info. 

6. Products and Packaging

Creative touches which go into packaging your product enhance the customer experience. Product logos are a part of this. They’re an opportunity to reinforce your branding.

Display your logo in the most prominent areas. Make sure any tissue paper, stickers, or boxes used are custom-printed to include your logo.

7. Smartphone Cases and Water Bottles

These are two of the must-have accessories in today’s world. Americans check their phones every twelve minutes. A smartphone case bearing your logo is, therefore, going to get you noticed.

People who are concerned about the planet aren’t using single-use plastic bottles anymore. They’re turning to their own reusable options. Putting your logo on sturdy, reusable water bottles shows you care about the environment too.

Stay Visible

You need to get creative about where you put your logo. That way you’re going to ensure maximum visibility and brand recognition.

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