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7 Incredible Tips on Selling Your House Fast

The average number of days taken to sell a house is 68 days.

Of course, that depends on the price, as you may have to wait a little longer if you are looking for the top price. It’s, therefore, no surprise that selling a house these days is not easy.

A house can be on sale for months, if not years. While this is favorable to the buyers (who will get a wide selection to pick from), home sellers must be creative and work extremely hard to sell their house.

Here are the top 7 tips on selling a house fast.

1. Prepare Your House for the Market

Buyers look for the well maintained and furnished homes. If your house has old furnish and paintings, consider repainting them and make the necessary renovations to make it attractive again.

Some of the changes that you can make to the house to enhance its appearance include freshly painting the rooms, replacing the outdated fixtures, replacing the old cabinetry, and carrying out professional cleaning and carpeting.

Once you are done, call an inspection officer to confirm if everything is okay. You will incur some costs during the home improvement process, but the value you get will be worth it.

2. Get More Tips on Selling by Finding the Best Real Estate Agent

Finding a real estate agent when reduces the workload for you. Most agents are well-intentioned and aim at selling your home at the highest price. The main challenge is to find a reliable and trusted real estate agent.

So, how do you ensure that you work with the best? Carry out your research.  Do online searches and look for the best real estate agents in your area. You will also have to make a comparison of the available options because you may get more than one real estate agent.

Look for the years they have been in the industry, their reviews, and the fee they charge. The best real estate agent will sell your house within a very short period.

3. Reduce Your Price

Some of the top factors which influence the speed of selling a house are price and location. You can’t change the location of your house but you can change the price.

A dramatic lowering of the selling price can attract a large number of customers, and this sells your property much quicker. However, remember that the price is a motivating factor when buying a house and most buyers like dramatic discounts.

There are, however, things that you must observe when dropping the price. For instance, you will make no impact if you drop your price but it remains higher when compared to a similar house in the neighborhood. Also, you shouldn’t reduce the cost to the extent of suffering losses.

4. Understand Your Local Real Estate Market 

The real estate makes vary significantly from one neighborhood to another. For this reason, you need to understand the current state of your locality.

There are three primary real estate states; the buyer’s market, seller’s market, and a balanced market.

Other real estate’s vary according to the specific period of the year. For instance, the NY real estate market gets an active seller’s market during spring.

As a wise seller, you should list your house before the sellers’ period starts. If possible, consult the best real estate professionals and request their analysis of the current real estate situation of your geographical location.

5. Depersonalize the House

We know that you have good memories of your home. But you must try not to make it too personal if you desire to sell it quickly. To depersonalize it, remove your personal effects from the house.

Most of these things are big turnoffs as the less potential buyers can’t figure themselves living in a house that they can’t personalize. You should depersonalize your house before you take the listing photos.

Some of the items that you must remove include your family photos, personal keepsakes, and memorabilia collections. If possible, hire a home stager to maximize the potential of your house. The staging ensures that your furniture is well arranged and the floor plan is well utilized.

It would even be better if you relocate to another home so that viewers get the complete view of the house.

6. Avoid Bad Odors

It’s the little things that turn off the prospective buyers. Everything could be alright, but a bad smell can completely sabotage your efforts of selling the house in this competitive environment. When the house is well furnished but still has a bad odor, do the following to get rid of the bad smell:

  • Wash the bins and clear drains
  • Allow enough ventilation- this includes keeping the windows open for some time
  • Improve the chimneys to get rid of the cooking smells
  • Seek the help a of a professional to help you get a solution for the problem
  • Use air conditioners

7. Transfer the Mortgage to Someone Else

Another great way to sell your house fast is to let someone else be assumable of your mortgage. To do this, go through your mortgage documents to find if they are assumable.

If it is, then you can stay in your home and rent it. The assumable mortgage financial arrangement will cater for all debts tied to the house.

Follow all the procedures and don’t hesitate to ask a question or learn more if there anything that you don’t understand. However, keep in mind that the new borrower must qualify for the mortgage.

Making the Sale

Selling a house is quite exhausting. It, however, becomes a simple process when you observe the market forces and other factors which buyers observe when purchasing a home.

The above-discussed tips on selling are the most vital considerations for selling your house quickly. Also, make sure that you are mentally prepared for any possible outcome, especially if it’s your first time to sell the house.

Contact us today or for help and more advice on how to sell your home fast.