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8 Essential Tips on How to Start a Deck Building Company

You love building things and working with your hands. You built the deck on your house, and people loved it so much they asked for you to build them one on their home. 

This could really be something, and you think it’s time to start your own business deck building. But how do you take this idea from just a thought to a functioning, sustainable business? 

 Keep reading for seven steps that will take your decking business dream to a reality.

1. Choose a Memorable Name 

There is a lot that goes into a business name. This is typically the first thing a customer learns about your business. It will leave an impression with people that will be hard to break. 

Choose a name that is relevant and memorable. You don’t want it to be too complicated, but also not too simple and generic. 

Pay attention to the name of the other roofing companies in the area so that you don’t choose something too similar to theirs. Once you settle on a couple of options, you can ask family and friends for their input. 

2. Make a Solid Business Plan 

It’s great that you want to start a business, but you need to have a plan in place for how you are going to create and run that business. If you aren’t sure, you can start with a plan that is more of an outline and fill it in as you go. 

At the bare minimum, your business plan should include these things: 

  • Mission statement 
  • Summary 
  • Goals 
  • Marketing 
  • Finances 

The mission statement explains what the business stands for. While the summary outline who you are and the goal behind starting this business. In the goals section, you will go into further detail as to how you plan to achieve the goals you outlined in the summary.

In the marketing section, you will explain how you intend to let others know you are business and available for hire. Then finally, in the financial section, you will outline all of the pertinent financial information. 

3. Build Your Brand 

Once you have the first two steps done, you can then start to build a brand image. This is the image and message that you want to send to the world about who your business is. 

You want to create something memorable but not cringe-worthy. Many first-time business owners reach out to experts for help, but that is not necessary. 

Start by creating a logo for your business. There are free online tools to help you with this if you aren’t adept at editing software and design work. 

Have the name of your business and logo make sense together. Then use both on all of your documents, business cards, and t-shirts. 

Whatever font and color choices you make, you will need to commit to those and stay consistent throughout all of your branded material. That way, people associate your company with the colors and logo. 

4. Obtain Necessary Licenses and Permits 

Depending on where you start your business will dictate what kind of licensing you will need to obtain. Since decks are permanent structure meant for people to walk on, it is safe to say that you will need a license of some kind. 

You will also need to know the ins and outs of the law when it comes to the required permits. Do you need to get one for every job? Or maybe you only need to obtain a permit for a deck of a specific size. 

5. Buy Insurance 

Not every state will require insurance, but we highly recommend it. Look for contractors insurance and general liability insurance. 

Having insurance will protect both you and your employees while on the job. That way, you have a safety net if an accident happens of a customer doesn’t like your completed work. 

Consumers are more educated today, and many will outright ask if you have insurance. So you being able to say yes will instill an increased level of confidence in your business. 

6. Hire Qualified Employees 

Now that you have everything for the business in place, it’s time to high some employees. After all, you can’t build these decks by yourself, that’s too much work for one person and will take too long to be cost effective. 

Review the potential employee’s past work and their references. You should also check their interpersonal skills to make sure they can work well on a team. 

Once you hire employees, train them on what their duties are and what you expect of them. PRotect yourself and put this in writing. 

7. Start Networking 

You need to start networking in the industry. Get to know other decking pros, and you can learn from their experience. Get to know contractors, and you can pick up referrals for jobs that you may not have heard about otherwise. 

8. Secure Materials  

Since you will be building decks as a business, you will go through more materials than the individual homeowner. This means you have different selections available to you at bulk pricing. 

You want to have your material sources figured out before you secure your contracts. That way, there is no delay in work when someone hires your business. 

Start Your Deck Building Business

Now that you have these eight easy to follow steps, you are ready to start your deck building business. Remember that it is essential to do all of these steps before you try to begin securing jobs and working on other people’s homes. 

That way, you are fully prepared and protected. Check out our many articles to help you make your new business a success.