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A Guide to the Best Office Paint Colors to Boost Productivity

Do you consider yourself a productive person? Do you feel that you get work done in a timely manner? 

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, you’re a special kind of worker.

Forty-two percent of Americans report working late and skipping personal obligations in order to get their work done.

What if you could get everything done that you needed to without working all hours of the day and night? Some simple changes to your office — such as changing the office paint colors — could help you to be more productive.

Read on to learn more about the best office paint colors that will help you be as productive as possible.

How Color Affects Productivity

At this point you might be thinking, “How can paint color affect my productivity?” or “How will painting my office walls help me to get more done?” 

Certain colors can have a subtle, yet powerful, impact on the way you feel during the day.

Some colors might cause you to feel anxious or overwhelmed. These types of colors aren’t conducive to productivity in the workplace, are they?

On the other hand, if you use colors that promote feelings of calmness, relaxation, and focus, you’re going to have an easier time clearing your to-do list each day. 

There’s also something to be said for genuinely liking the place where you work each day.

If you find your office to be aesthetically pleasing, you’re likely going to have a more positive attitude when you walk into it each day. This, in turn, will help you to feel more motivated and make it easier for you to tackle your projects without a lot of procrastinating.

Best Office Paint Colors for Productivity

Okay, you can see that there might be something to the idea of color influencing productivity. How do you know which colors to use, though?

The following are some of the best office paint colors you might want to use to increase your productivity while you work:


If your job requires you to work long hours, the color green is the perfect color for your office walls.

Green helps to reduce eye fatigue, so you’ll be less likely to deal with headaches and eye strain that results from staring at the computer for too long.

It also promotes feelings of calmness and can make it easier for you to relax and focus when deadlines loom.


Like the color green, blue is another good option for those who want feelings of calmness to permeate their office.

Blue can also have a positive physical effect on the body. It can lower heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rates.

Be sure to stick to lighter shades of blue, though. Darker blues can bring about feelings of sadness.


If you want to feel energized and enthusiastic when you step into your office, yellow is a great color to throw up on your walls.

Yellow has a positive, welcoming feel to it and is great for boosting creativity. It can also help to stimulate your memory so you’re less forgetful.

If the idea of an entirely yellow office is a bit much for you, consider painting just one accent wall yellow to get the same beneficial effects. 


Red is another color that promotes enthusiasm and can help you feel more energized.

If you find yourself needing a boost throughout the day to push through your final tasks, or if you need more motivation to get up and move around while you work, a red accent wall might be just what you need. 

Bonus Decor Tips for Productivity

Painting the walls of your office using one of these colors is a great way to give your productivity a boost and give your office a bit of refresher. There are some other ways you can switch up the decor to help you be even more productive, though.

Consider some of these additional tips if you’re really dedicated to getting more done at work:

Invest in Organization Tools

The more organized and free of clutter your office is, the easier it will be for you to stay focused and on task during the day.

Invest in some organizations tools that are attractive and functional. This might include desk organizers, storage bins, and color-coded binders.

Once you have your tools, get to work decluttering your office and putting them to use.

Add Greenery

Adding some greenery to your office can work wonders for boosting your productivity. This is especially true of air purifying plants like spider plants.

They can help to clean the air in your office so you breathe more easily. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to stay alert during the workday.

Display Motivational Messages

Consider hanging up a sign that features a motivational message. You might even want to use a letterboard or chalkboard so you can change the message from time to time depending on your mood and the specific things you need to read to stay on track while at work.

Improve the Surrounding Area

You might also want to expand your redesign to areas outside of the office, too. This is especially helpful if you’re redoing a home office and have more flexibility when it comes to the colors and decorations you use.

Repainting your hallway to make it more calming and inviting might help you feel more ready to head to work each day. You can read more here about the best paint colors to use in your hallway.

Be More Productive Today

As you can see, some office paint colors are definitely better than others when it comes to productivity.

If you want to have an easier time getting things done at work, consider using one of these colors in your office.

Even if you can’t or don’t want to paint every wall, you can still use a productivity-promoting color as a nice accent.

Do you want to learn more about how you can improve your productivity? If so, we’ve got lots of helpful articles available on our site.

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