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All in the Company: How to Create a Company Vehicle Policy to Deal with Accidents

Owning a business is for some, the American dream. You work hard towards a goal and when you finally reach that point where your name is on the door all the hard work is worth it. 

Protecting this dream is something every business owner should take seriously. There are risks involved in everything we do yet add to it a fleet of vehicles driven by employees and your liability skyrockets.

A company vehicle policy helps to reduce such stress. 

Driving a Company Car

Having the benefit of a company car is one many would enjoy. A perk afforded to only a few they save the wear and tear off their car and the insurance for a fleet vehicle is not on their shoulders. 

The confusion happens once there is a claim involved. If you hit someone who is to blame? and is the driver liable for anything? 

There is also the added stress of what happens back at the office? Are there repercussions should the employee be found negligent in their driving? 

These are all issues that should be addressed and explained in the company vehicle policy. 

What’s Included in a Company Vehicle Policy

To ensure your employees have a grasp of the expectations surrounding your company vehicle policy, word things clearly to avoid confusion. Here are some sections you will need to include.

  • Introduction/Terms
  • Administration of Fleet
  • Eligibility
  • Vehicle Selection/Ordering
  • Delivery/ Acceptance
  • Vehicle Use
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Accidents/Safety
  • Replacement Guidelines 

After each of these sections, it would be wise to have the employee initial each chapter before being granted access to company vehicles. This procedure helps remove any doubt that the employee misunderstood or had any further questions on any of these matters. 

In the Event of an Accident 

Obtaining the assistance of a bar certified attorney when drafting this policy is a wise decision. Often an attorney experienced in car accident injury can help determine what risks your business legally faces should your employee harm another while representing your company. 

While some companies feel that the employee should solely be at fault a court of law may deem otherwise. Judges may often apply the principle of respondent superior which means that the employer is responsible for the actions of the employee while the employee is acting within the scope of their job. 

Driving a Company Car

Being granted access to a company car is a great privilege. You are representing your employer and everything you do therein is a reflection on them. These actions can include erratic driving, having an accident in a company vehicle, and causing injury to others. 

To help protect your business, there are many resources at your disposal. Whether it’s auto expense reports, motor vehicle inspections there are some helpful .

Accidents Happen

Car accidents can often be difficult to avoid. Situations happen that at the moment we are unable to control. That is why a skilled accident injury attorney is always needed to help make sense of the chaos. If you have any questions or concerns never hesitate to contact an accident attorney to help guide you through the process.