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Be a Racing Rockstar! 10 Tips for Racing RC Cars

Feeling a little stressed out? Don’t fret; you’re not the only one. As a matter of fact, 59% of American adults feel stressed on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there are ways to fight stress. Fun, enjoyable hobbies are a great way to start. One of those hobbies is RC truck racing.

Here, we’re going to talk about getting your A-game on in racing with RC cars. It may seem simple at first glance. Trust us, it takes a lot more time and work than you’d think.

Below are 10 helpful tips that will pave your way to becoming an RC master.

1. Don’t Practice for Practice’s Sake

Practice is the key to success. Yet showing up early to speed your RC truck down a field isn’t enough practice. If you’re racing in that field, it should be.

However, for better practice, you’ll want to try driving on the track you’ll be racing in. Memorize the corners. Get a feel of how to best maneuver your vehicle around the turns.

After that, put some obstacles in the track. They are the other vehicles that you must pass. Do the same with the corners.

2. Bring a Buddy

In the heat of the moment, we are susceptible to make the wrong decisions. For this reason, friends are great for second opinions. Of course, they must have knowledge of RC racing to be helpful.

They also work well as another set of eyes. They may be able to see bumps that you don’t from where you’re standing. They can keep you updated with other happenings around you.

Good friends will also know how to take the edge off if you’re feeling nervous. Be humble enough to know that you cannot do or see everything. No man, after all, is an island.

RC truck racing is a cool, fun way to bond. Discuss brands and vehicles like Traxxas RC trucks. Recommend modifications for one another like the best friends that you are.

3. Better Setup

The best setup for any beginner in RC car racing is the neutral setup. The box-stock settings are great for newbies. That way, they can focus better on their driving styles first.

If you are a newbie, it’s never a bad idea to get a lay of the land before anything else. Take your time to the best way to turn corners. In a more literal sense, get a feel of the track.

Once you’ve established your style, make the adjustments. Don’t overdo it though. Adjust one setting at a time.

Too many adjusted settings can confuse you more than help you. You’ll never know which one made your steering better or worse. You’ll have wasted time and effort.

4. Leave the Action to the Other RC Cars

If you’ve noticed, not all the fast RC trucks cause chaos. Yes, it looks cool to crush somebody else’s truck. However, the time you took to bash your RC car into the other player’s is time wasted.

Imagine this: it takes 5-7 seconds for you to push another truck rolling onto its side. There’s a chance your truck will suffer that consequence, too. But, it takes a mere 2 seconds for you to get past the ruckus.

Your aim is to win the race. If your purpose is to win a battle, avoiding the chaos will not give you any points. It’s a better choice to be certain than to fall into a regular gambling problem.

5. Consistency Is Key

Here’s a racing tip that never fails: a consistent racer is an excellent racer.

There isn’t a use for a driving style that’s always flying into corners or bumping into other trucks. If the track requires jumps, then consistent success on each jump will help you a whole lot.

Focus on your lap times. Always condition yourself to keep your time per lap at a constant number. Do this in practice and in the race.

Notice how runners like to keep track of their times? It’s so they can beat their own records. Do the same with your truck.

6. Be Bold, Walk the Track

There will be times when you won’t see the slight elevation on that track. Sometimes, the simple solution is to walk the track. This works if you’re feeling jittery too.

Walking around won’t only help you see the route better. You’ll also gain a bit of confidence as you move around. Some of your competitors might even feel a little intimidated by your boldness.

7. Play Smart

Racing RC cars is a lot like chess. You have to always be a step ahead.

Playing smart does not apply only to when your RC vehicle is on the track. In the toys and games industry, revenues continue to rise. That means more toys are getting sold.

Granted, this doesn’t mean you should keep on replacing what you have. Players on a budget should be street-wise with their toys. RC racing is an expensive hobby after all.

This tip ties in with #4 and #5. Reduce your damage. Maximize your time.  

8. One-On-One Practice

Play-practice with a friend. You can practice passing his RC car first. After he passes yours, it’s your turn to get around his.

At every round of practice, you should gain a piece of information. It can be about anything. It can be on your driving, your RC truck, your friend, a new strategy, a better pass trick, et cetera.

9. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Often, a newbie player who boasts his RC trucks races like a rabbit. He is fast, yes, but he is also careless. He’s the racer who is always bumping his often bigger, wider truck into others.

As we stated before, bumping into other cars slows yours down. It’s the same with making very quick turns in corners. Those are the kinds of turns that send dirt flying everywhere as well as the RC truck that caused it.

The trick to get around corners is to slow down as you get closer to the curve. Turn to the inside before you get into the corner. Speed up in the midst of the turn and as you get out of the curve.

This also applies when you’ve got a bunch of vehicles in front of you. There are big chances that those cars are going to create a massive blockage. When you’ve slowed down enough, you’ll have enough time to react and avoid the wreckage.

10. Have Fun

Take a moment to remember why you got into RC racing in the first place. There is a high chance that your answer is ‘because it’s fun’. So, just have fun.

In the end, this is nothing but a game. Did you lose, crash, or lost parts? Laugh it off.

Always, always make friends. Talk to everybody. Heck, maybe even plan a pop-up event for fellow hobbyists.

Learn from your mistakes and appreciate the experience. The more seriously you take the game, the more upsetting it can be. It’s about the memories you gained and the fun you had.

Ready, Set, Go!

That’s our 10 great tips for your improved RC racing!.

Whether you are a casual or passionate player, these aren’t just toys. Building and racing RC cars have that edge that you’re never too old to enjoy.

Keep in mind this is only but one way to fight stress. Feel free to read our other posts and discover more ways to have fun.

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