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Boost Motivation in the Workplace by Leveraging These 8 Uncommon Techniques

Motivation is a tricky thing, because we know it when we see it, but can’t always figure out how to conjure it at will. 

Part of the test of being an employer or manager is to figure out how to increase motivation in the workplace. When you figure this out, you’ll get increased productivity out of your employees, and it’ll be a more fulfilling environment. 

There’s no one size fits all way to increase motivation, but there are some strategies that are proven to work. Consider the following tips so you can take your workplace motivation up a notch. 

1. Take More Breaks

Alright, you might not think that taking your foot off the gas pedal can actually make your employees work harder, but this is definitely the case. 

When your employees are constantly staring at their laptops and sitting in one place for too long, the creativity and focus go right out the window. In fact, psychologists assert that our brains can’t focus productively for more than 30 to 45 minutes at a time. 

By working in bursts with short breaks in between, rather than trying to hammer it out to the bitter end, your employee’s brains will be fresher and motivation will stay high throughout the day. 

2. Make Wellness Part of the Workplace

Health is wealth, so don’t you want a little bit more health in your work environment?

You can get just that when you create a wellness plan for your business. Consider offering your employees gym memberships, and get rid of sugary drinks and snacks that will create crashes and brain fog throughout the day. 

Instead, keep lots of fresh water on deck and go out for walks every now and then to get the creative juices flowing. A healthy workplace is a motivated workplace, which is why many companies are beginning to adopt this way of thinking. 

3. Bring in a Motivational Speaker

A good motivation speaking brings more than rah-rah speeches — they bring new perspectives to the table. 

By bringing in someone who can shake up your thinking and the thinking of your employees, it can create paradigm shifts that last for years. However, make sure that the motivational speaker is about more than just entertainment. 

After the talk, put your heads together with your team to break down what you all learned and what affected you the most. This way, you can start to brainstorm strategies to incorporate these things you learned into your company, so you can stay motivated and productive for the foreseeable future. 

4. Have Common Themes That You’re Working Toward

Whether we’re dealing with sports, military campaigns or family structures, you get more out of people when they’re united under a higher purpose. 

This way, no one is bigger than the team, and it gets people out of their heads enough to be highly productive. Make sure that you are setting your intention each day, week, month or quarter, and getting your employees to buy in. 

Come up with a mission statement for your company if you don’t have one already, and take the time to talk to your employees to get their take on it and what it means to them. 

When you have a uniform company culture, it becomes easier to bring in and get them up to speed. 

5. Take Retreats and Company Outings

Getting out of the office is often one of the best ways to create motivation. 

When you are always in the same place doing the same thing, it becomes difficult to not get stuck in ruts. However, something as simple as a company retreat can shape things up and bring new energy to the table. 

Even if you don’t plan entire retreats, consider going on regular bonding experiences, such as happy hour and other outings that build camaraderie. 

6. Offer Tangible, Meaningful Rewards

Reward your employees for doing quality work. 

Make sure that these rewards are tangible and something that they will appreciate. The biggest reward you can give someone that works under you is an opportunity to contribute more, with lifestyle benefits that help them grow. 

For instance, creating new positions that allow someone to bring to the table what they do best will motivate them so that you also get more out of them in the long run. 

Giving away freebies and discounts is always a great way to reward your employees as well. You can find discounts here that let your employees get gift cards, cash back offers, and so much more. 

7. Celebrate the Successes and Point Out Praise and Efforts

Aside from rewards, make sure you’re pointing out and celebrating successes. 

Giving people the recognition that they deserve lets them know you appreciate them. When people feel that their work is appreciated, they will go above and beyond for you.  

8. Give Your Workplace Good Books and Media to Digest

Finally, be sure that you are running a well-read workplace. 

Putting good books in the hands of your employees can make things click in their brains more than anything else. With companies like Audible, you can also gift audiobooks that your employees can listen to on their commute. 

At the same time, never limit your own literary intake. The best leaders are also avid readers, so you need to be adding to your library as much as possible. 

By learning from the best and the brightest, you can begin to incorporate their ideas. 

Increase Motivation in the Workplace With These Key Points

Motivation in the workplace is crucial for any company. These 8 tips will keep your company successful and productive. 

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