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Career Opportunity Alert! 9 Best High-Paying Jobs In The Field Of Education

There are many rewarding jobs in the field of education. Some of the best paying jobs in education are like being a school principal or even a Chief Executive Officer of schools. With the right opportunity, it’s easy to earn a decent living.

For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics non-specialist basic and secondary school educators made mean yearly incomes of $55,270 and $56,760 in 2011. The said statistics were for non-specialist trainers. It thus meant that teachers with specialist training earned more.

Below are 9 best high-paying jobs in the field of education.

1. High School Teacher

This is one of the most common jobs in the education field. They work in either public or private schools. In essence, they are supposed to meet a certain qualification before they get hired.

Without licenses, high school teachers are not permitted to practice. It’s the state that issues them with the proper certification and licenses to practice.

Being a high school teacher is not easy yet the hard work is worth it. An average high school teacher earns a minimum of $58,030 annually yet, those ranked among the top ten categories earn above $92,000 yearly.

2. Special Education Teacher

Special teachers have to deal with special children. It’s not an easy task because some of these children have both mental and physical disabilities. In essence, a special education teacher helps the child develop useful skills that will help them through life.

The average pay of a special education teacher is almost like that of an average high school teacher. The ones ranked at the top ten get the same range of earnings top ten high school teachers get.

3. Chief Executive of Top-Tier Universities

This is one of the best paying jobs in education. Some institutions refer to this profession as being university chancellor. There are qualifications this job needs a person to have attained.

A chief executive of top-tier universities must have completed a doctorate degree. Furthermore, if you are aspiring to be one, you must have undergone an executive academic leadership program.

There is no standard pay for such a person. It ranges from $100,000 to approximately $3 million depending on the size of the campus.

4. Academic Dean

This is one of the non-teaching education jobs but regardless, it’s one of the best paying careers in education. An academic dean heads a school or a college. The qualification needed is a master’s degree and a doctorate in the respective field.

As an academic dean, your job is to oversee the activities of the school. For example, you will oversee research activities at schools or colleges. The average salary of an academic dean is about $83,000 every year.

5. Law Professors

Being a law professor entails many qualifications. You have to go through law school to meet a bachelor’s degree. You also have to complete a doctorate in the respective field.

Furthermore, you have to practice for a considerable number of years to meet the teaching experience. Some people get hired for the job after attaining a master’s degree.

The same way the salaries of university chancellors vary is the same way the salaries of law professors vary. The key determinant is the size of the school. For large universities law professors earn at least $100,000 wherein junior universities, they earn an average of $67,990.

6. Superintendent of Schools

This is one of the highest paying jobs in education. Some of the tasks that a superintendent is charged with are like taking care of the school budget and management of the staff. Furthermore, the Superintendents of Schools oversee the implementation of the school curriculum.

For you to be a school superintendent, you have to meet certain qualifications. You have to have a doctorate in education. You need to have a leadership qualification as well.

The annual salary of school superintendents ranges from $133,000 to $196,000.

7. School Principals

As a school principal you are required to run the day to day activities of the school. Principals run both public and private schools depending on where you were hired. Further, a school principal ensures that the relevant personnel is hired.

Also, it’s the school principal that fires school personnel who are not doing their jobs. The educational policies get implemented by school principles. Furthermore, they execute the school curriculum.

You have to have a master’s degree in education and a leadership certificate. The annual salary that a school principal earns ranges from $86,970 to $129,480.

8. Assistant Principal

An assistant principal is the deputy of a school principal. This is one of the best careers in education. This is because an assistant principal collaborates with a school principal to carry out administrative tasks of the school.

For you to qualify to be an assistant principal, you have to have a master’s degree. In addition, you are needed to have class experience. The reason why this is one of the best careers is that the annual salary of assistant principals ranges from $66,697 to $89,406.

9. Curriculum Developers

This is one of the lucrative jobs in the education field. Most curriculum developers begin as teachers. If you aspire to be one you are needed to have a master’s degree in the field. Curriculum developers train teachers and they help in the assessment of the school curriculum.

Furthermore, they help in the election of textbooks for learners. As a curriculum developer, your annual salary ranges from $42,000 to $75,000.

Best Paying Jobs in Education

Some people have the impression that jobs in education don’t pay much. Yet, you’ll find the best paying jobs in education.

Take university chancellors for example. Their job is to oversee the administrative operations of the university. This is one of the best careers because; they are paid a lot of money.

School principals, on the other hand, oversee the operations of a school. Their annual salary is more than $100,000. Their assistants as well get good pay which ranges from $66,697 to $89,406 every year.

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