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Do you obsess over checking the status of your online order or your mail? If you run a business that ships products, you can bet your bottom dollar that your customers want to ensure that their order is en route. You can expect them to ask for shipping updates from you. So what do you do? You [...]

Did you know that as of 2020, there are over 1,600,000 bookkeeping job positions in the U.S? And while that number may seem high, in reality, there is still a great need for bookkeepers as more new businesses start to emerge. Are you interested in the career path of becoming a bookkeeper? If so, in [...]

If you are a business owner, have you ever thought about what your company is losing by not having an accounting firm? It’s important to think of the big picture of what could happen if you don’t have one. You’ll want to be sure that your finances are in order and that they are being [...]

Today, there are about 30.2 million businesses in the United States. If you’re dreaming of becoming part of this stat, then you might consider starting as a freelance accountant.  What is a freelance accountant, and what will you do? While you might not have the same benefits as a salaried/hourly employee, there will be plenty of [...]