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Have a love of airplanes? Do you find yourself always looking up at the airplanes flying overhead? If you answered yes to these questions, you might want to consider starting an aviation business. This high-flying business is the perfect opportunity to turn your interests into a voice. Not to mention that it is a profitable [...]

Are you looking for a more convenient and worry-free way of flying to specific destinations you’ve always wanted? Flying commercials can be a hassle, from long lines at security checkpoints to delays and cancellations. But, there is another option that many people overlook. That often overlooked option is flying out of a private airport. This [...]

The number of private jets in operation around the world is expected to grow by about 8,000 new planes. And while many of these new jets will be purchased by large corporations, offering luxury private travel charters, many will also be purchased by individuals. Owning a private jet is a reality for many of the [...]

Everyone wishes they could own a private jet after seeing millionaires with their own in music videos and TV. The surprising truth is that not even most multimillionaires can afford their own private jet.  So, just how much does a private jet cost to buy, and could it be in your budget? Read on to [...]

According to one study, the average income of people who buy private jets is around $1.66 billion. Whether you’re buying a private jet for personal reasons or your business, there are so many benefits to having your own plane.  If you’re thinking about how to buy a private jet, there are some things you should [...]