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Business Advice

Did you know that around 27 million business cards are printed daily? Business cards are the number one marketing tool in a technologically advancing world. A business card serves as a small portfolio of your work. When designing business cards, it’s important to be creative yet professional. You can use many business card ideas and [...]

What do you think of when you hear the word “assets?” For many, this term brings to mind bank accounts and investment portfolios. However, the word has a broader meaning in the business world.  Businesses use the term “asset” to refer to anything they own. This term includes tangible items in your inventory or intangibles [...]

You have a great product. Your designer has created a set of killer 3D visualizations that showcase the quality of your creation. Now, you want to draw in customers to make sales but you aren’t sure if your current renders are cutting it. You want to optimize your product visualization but aren’t sure how to [...]

Did you know that 65 percent of small businesses are taking advantage of ERP implementation? Using an ERP system is a great way to help your business reach its potential by integrating a number of business functions to make your business run in a smooth and efficient manner. Switching to an ERP system could be [...]

Did you know that LEDs account for 90% of all lighting sales today? This technology keeps getting better and more efficient as time goes on. And these benefits extend the effects of lighting. Whether you’re looking to improve the in-store experience, attract shoppers, and improve general visibility in low-light settings, LEDs are the way to [...]