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Cleaning Services

Are you managing a veterinary clinic? Animals and their housing facilities can cause disease outbreaks. Sanitation is non-negotiable. Regardless of your facility size, ensure it’s hostile to microbes. How do you make your animal facility more sanitary? Continue reading for five best practices in maintaining animal facility cleanliness. 1. A Solid Sanitation Plan Establish a solid [...]

Did you know that roughly 640,000 tons of books get discarded each year? That’s a lot of reading material that’s wasting away in landfills.  When it comes time to deep clean or move, too many books can become a burden. Instead of simply throwing them away, a greener and better solution is to sell or donate books.  [...]

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many dry cleaners were down between 83 and 92% in sales. As the vaccine is becoming more available and states are lifting some of their regulations, dry cleaning businesses are expected to go back to normal. How can you let customers know your business is ready to take care of [...]

You’ve been tasked with writing your company’s chemical spill cleanup safety plan—but how do you write it? Knowing what to include can be overwhelming.  This is an important document that will help your staff act appropriately in case of a dangerous chemical spill. It’s also a requirement of OSHA’s Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response [...]

Are you wondering how to handle all your garbage? Proper waste management is a process that needs to be regulated and monitored.  The definitive goal of proper trash disposal and waste management is to reduce the adverse effects garbage has on human life and the environment.  Sadly, most of us today can’t agree on the [...]