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Cleaning Services

Do you want to choose the best industrial cleaning supplies for your needs? Wondering what you should think about when choosing cleaning supplies? Choosing cleaning supplies for industrial purposes is a little different than choosing household cleaning supplies. It’s important to consider a variety of different factors to make sure you’re making good choices about [...]

Want to keep your workplace sanitary and conducive as a working environment? Cleaning up your workplace can be a tough challenge. You’ll often realize that dirt and other things still pile up despite your daily cleanup. Simple rags and off-the-shelf cleaners aren’t enough to keep them at bay. If you want a thorough cleaning, it’s [...]

Does your commercial property require a commercial janitorial cleaning service? A commercial janitorial cleaning service company is beneficial to a business for several reasons. Janitorial services will ensure the entire property is kept clean, safe, and sanitized.  These services can also come to the property after hours to clean thoroughly without getting into the way [...]

Are you managing a veterinary clinic? Animals and their housing facilities can cause disease outbreaks. Sanitation is non-negotiable. Regardless of your facility size, ensure it’s hostile to microbes. How do you make your animal facility more sanitary? Continue reading for five best practices in maintaining animal facility cleanliness. 1. A Solid Sanitation Plan Establish a solid [...]

Did you know that roughly 640,000 tons of books get discarded each year? That’s a lot of reading material that’s wasting away in landfills.  When it comes time to deep clean or move, too many books can become a burden. Instead of simply throwing them away, a greener and better solution is to sell or donate books.  [...]