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In 2019, the average car repair came out at $384.90 in the United States. Not everyone can afford that amount of money at short notice, and it’s not like you always know when you might suddenly need a car repair. In those cases when you’re short on money, but can’t afford to leave your car not [...]

When it comes to money, we live in constant tension; how do we save and plan for the future while also enjoying today? It’s a question most of us wrestle with every day. Saving for the future is extremely important. We understand that. But it’s equally important that we can enjoy our lives in the [...]

Very few people understand how common personal or workplace injuries are. In a single year, nearly 25 million Americans visit the emergency room for an unintentional injury. Injuries occur in all walks of life. They occur at work or while operating a motor vehicle. Sometimes, injuries happen when shopping at a store. In 2018, there [...]

Are you looking for a way to grow your farming business but aren’t sure how to do it? If you’re a farm owner, one of the best ways to grow your business is with an agricultural loan. What is an agricultural loan? How do you take one out? How can it help your farm grow?  [...]

Are you wondering how to qualify for small business loans? Well, getting small business loans isn’t always easy. In fact, there are a few steps that you need to take before applying to ensure that you get approved. Being a business owner is difficult and when you need money…you need it right away. With that [...]