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Customer Service

Did you know that there are 33.2 million small businesses in the United States as of 2022? Customers are spending their time, money, and loyalty on local businesses. This can be a lot of responsibility because customers rely on small businesses to provide them with products, services, and goods, and the companies have the opportunity to [...]

According to a study, brands that prioritize customer empathy saw a 65% increase in repeat purchases. Understanding how your customers feel is the first step in creating experiences they’ll love. If you can figure out how to pinpoint the root of their pain, you can create bespoke solutions to take them away from their business worry. Read on to [...]

86% of workers think poor communication is the cause of most workplace failures. Strong business communication can be the glue that bonds your entire staff together. It’s crucial in sharing and expressing company culture, values, and goals. But if communication isn’t your strong suit, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where [...]

Are you hoping to keep your customers coming back for more this year so that you can boost your profits? Customer satisfaction is key to retaining your customers, which is incredibly important, as retaining customers is 25 times cheaper than generating new ones.  Prioritizing the customer experience is a great way to maintain a loyal [...]

It isn’t enough to have a great product in business. You’ll inevitably have customers that have issues and questions. And if you don’t have the resources to provide a great customer experience, you aren’t going to win anyone’s business. That’s where excellent customer support helps. When 96% of people say customer service is critical to [...]