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Do your kids know more about computers than you do? About 25% of classroom teachers find themselves intimidated by their students’ knowledge of computers and technology. It seems natural that computers would be one of the most used classroom learning tools. As more and more school districts are realizing how computers help students in the classroom, [...]

C# ranks as the fifth most popular programming language and for good reason. The object-orientated and type-safe syntax builds on Microsoft’s .NET framework. You can create Windows applications to mobile apps and games. Third-party libraries enable you to produce PDF files or read barcodes with a few lines of code. This article introduces you to the C# coding [...]

School shouldn’t rule your life! More than 300,000 Americans work as educators. They help students out so they can graduate, learn important subjects, and build productive careers.  However, not all educators act alike. Some people work as teachers, while others work as tutors. If you’re trying to help your child with their education, you need [...]

Around 84% of Americans hold a driver’s license, which shows how learning to drive is essential to our daily lives.  Finding a reputable driving school is key for speeding up the learning process and knowing you’re in safe hands. But with so many schools out there, choosing the right one for you is overwhelming. Perhaps [...]

Anytime there is successful school leadership, a school will become a place where both staff and students will want to spend their time in. The last thing any education center wants is a poor leadership style that leads to a place where school operations are compromised. We have put together this short guide to share [...]