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Did you know that the children’s book publishing industry is worth $2.6 billion? As an aspiring author, publishing a book could be one of the most rewarding things you do, and if you have a great idea and follow some advice, you can make this dream become a reality. But what should you do in writing [...]

What could be better than helping out parents and children at the same time? Starting a daycare can be a great business idea for several reasons. It is a crucial way to serve your community while providing your family an opportunity to generate income. Running a fantastic daycare is a lot of work but can [...]

Do you want to help heal the planet? Despite larger systemic issues, individuals have the power to enact change within their homes, especially in the waste they generate. Learning ways to protect the environment also gives you the opportunity to heal your own health and create a more sustainable way of living. It’s never too [...]

Have you ever wondered if teacher unions are good for teachers? People believe that they are good for teachers as they help protect their rights and working conditions. Some believe that they are bad for teachers as they lead to higher levels of bureaucracy and inflexibility in the workplace. So, what is the truth? Are [...]

Do your kids know more about computers than you do? About 25% of classroom teachers find themselves intimidated by their students’ knowledge of computers and technology. It seems natural that computers would be one of the most used classroom learning tools. As more and more school districts are realizing how computers help students in the classroom, [...]