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Did you know that medical records are kept for 5 to 10 years after a person’s last treatment in the US? Fortunately, restrictions ensure that your info doesn’t go public and stays between you and the doctor.  If you are on the other end and have medical records to store, there are a few things [...]

Pre-pandemic, a home gym was something of a novelty. Yet, many people took to exercising at home amid global gym closures. Despite gyms now re-opening, more people now understand the benefits that home gyms have to offer. From saving time and money to providing privacy, a nice home gym can get you excellent results.  However, designing [...]

Did you know that medical errors result in approximately 100,000 people dying each year? Have you or a loved one been injured during a medical procedure? Perhaps you are concerned that you have a medical malpractice case in your hospital but are not so sure. In this article, we’re going to provide you with some key information [...]

You’ve just been alerted to a handful of medical billing errors that your team has made, and you suddenly feel a pit in your stomach. It’s not just your name that’s online. It’s your organization’s money, too. Research shows that physicians end up losing about $125 billion every year due to medical billing errors. And unfortunately, [...]

Did you know that all patients have a right to privacy? While most of the time this is referring to private health information, it’s also important to consider patients’ privacy when they’re in the hospital.  Being in the hospital puts patients in a vulnerable position. They don’t want other people to see them when they’re [...]