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Did you know that there were over 201,000 dentists operating around the US last year? Clearly, there’s no shortage of dental practitioners and practices around nowadays! And that means one thing: there’s plenty of competition when it comes to attracting new patients too. With so many dentists vying for peoples’ attention, the quality of your [...]

Would you love to pursue a dental career but don’t want to spend several years in college as dentists do? Perhaps you can become a dental assistant! Dental assistants play a crucial role in the provision of dental health services. Without them, dentists would literally be unable to provide the best care to their patients. [...]

As many as 90% of Australian adults suffer from some form of tooth decay. This staggering statistic shows the need to practice good dental hygiene and to spread some tips for good dental care. You might be wondering how to improve your dental health, or how you can get stronger and whiter teeth? Keep reading for [...]

Do you want to gain more patients each month? Whether your dental office consists of only one dentist or many, nearly every dental office welcomes the opportunity to grow.  By finding a great dental marketing services provider, you’ll be able to effectively promote your business.  If you’re like most businesses, you probably don’t have the [...]

Do you remember the last time you called the wrong doctor’s office? How did it make you feel? It’s harmless, but it’s an annoyance. You don’t want to waste time choosing a dentist from a list on Google only to call the wrong office for yourself or a loved one. Seeing a dentist doesn’t have [...]