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Hiring & Employment

Everyone loves a reason to come to work. But if your team isn’t performing at its best, you might be running out of ideas for motivating your workers. A bonus structure is an incentive to your employees only when they exceed a certain level of performance, usually sales or productivity. A bonus structure can ensure [...]

Retaining and recognizing employees can be the key difference between a successful business and a total failure. Despite this fact, many business owners today aren’t sure exactly how they can reward their employees. An employee recognition program is just about the best way to do this. We’re going to outline what exactly this program is. [...]

Every wondered what to do with your paystubs? If you’ve been throwing them away, you may want to start saving them. Paystubs are useful documents that can help you out when you do your taxes and get ready to make big purchases.  Here’s a look at ways you can use your paystubs and why you should [...]

Hiring the right employee is impossible if you don’t know what qualities you’re looking for. However, this doesn’t stop an employer from quickly filling a position due to short-staffing. If you hire the wrong employee, it won’t be long before you need to replace them.  What’s worse is that you could severely damage your workplace environment [...]

Do you know how much employee turnover costs your company? For every employee that leaves, you need to pay about a third of their annual salary in recruiting and training expenses. Let’s say that you have three employees that leave your company and each of them makes $60,000 a year. The cost to replace all [...]