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As a  small business owner, you’ve used your experience and knowledge to launch your newest effort. Unfortunately, you’ve picked up the same bad habit. You blew through a major emergency without a plan in place. Now you’re stuck trying to fix what you broke or brought down. Perhaps you lost your power or had a [...]

If your home is experiencing flickering house lights, it might not just be a coincidence or your imagination. Rather, it could be an electrical problem. Electricity flickering is a major problem for both personal and public safety. When house lights keep flickering, you need to get the cause and repair the problem immediately. Below, we’ll [...]

We all enjoy the peace and quiet. When things start to go wrong, and you can hear funny or strange noises throughout your home, you become frustrated and annoyed. The same goes for your dishwasher! Nobody really thinks much about their dishwasher until it becomes a problem. You live every day with your fresh, clean [...]

Have you noticed an increase in your energy bill? How long has it been since you’ve replaced your circuit breaker? Have you ever replaced your circuit breaker? These questions are integral when considering your electrical needs. Every house with electricity uses a residential circuit breaker to manage the flow of electricity to particular devices. Circuit [...]

Are you experiencing home electrical issues? There are a variety of potential emergencies that being aware of electrical issues can help you avoid in the future. They can help you prevent becoming a victim of electrical fires in the future. Are you wondering, “How do I fix an electrical issue in my house?” Then you’re [...]