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Did you know that flash sales increase overall sales transactions by about an average of 35%? If you’re wondering whether or not flash sales work, these stats make the answer a resounding “yes!” There’s a unique trait that a flash sale has. It’s the ability to make you buy something you didn’t even know you wanted, [...]

Cyber attacks are increasing at rates we’ve never seen before. Between 2020 and 2021 alone, cybercrime increased by 31%. As more companies continue to come online, expect that number to increase. That’s why it’s critical to take internet security seriously. Unfortunately, it’s easy to rest easy and expose your whole company to significant risk. If you [...]

In today’s competitive market, you need more than a plain website – you need a great website. With almost 200 million active sites, unless your site is informative and effective, you’ll lose customers.  Do you own an HVAC business? It’s important to note that 87% of Americans use smartphones and most people search for services [...]

C# ranks as the fifth most popular programming language and for good reason. The object-orientated and type-safe syntax builds on Microsoft’s .NET framework. You can create Windows applications to mobile apps and games. Third-party libraries enable you to produce PDF files or read barcodes with a few lines of code. This article introduces you to the C# coding [...]

Did you know that the internet gains over 1 million new users every year? So undoubtedly, the internet is the perfect place for businesses to grow since it has an almost endless number of users. But you’ll need to have a content marketing strategy if you want your brand to be on the radar of potential [...]