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If you’re thinking about opening a business in 2021, you have your work cut out for you. Aside from regular threats and problems, you also have to deal with more common cyber threats than ever.  Cybercriminals cost the world a total of $1 trillion each year. Much of this money comes from businesses.  To help [...]

Have you been putting off improving your IT infrastructure because you think you can handle things better without it? Unfortunately, you’re probably going to have problems in the future. Studies show that 64% of businesses find that being digital-first gives them an edge in business and more likely to achieve their business goals. The question [...]

If you’re a small business owner then you’re not alone. Today, 99% of companies in the U.S. are small businesses. Small businesses are defined as any business with less than 500 employees.  As a small business, you might think that you’re secure from cyber threats. The truth is, many small businesses are attacked each day from [...]

Cyber attacks cost small businesses 200k+ every year. Many of these businesses are woefully unprepared for these events and end up losing even more in opportunity costs while managing the fallout. If you’d prefer to avoid becoming the victim of a digital assault (and who wouldn’t?) we recommend you keep reading. In this post, we’re [...]

Enterprise architects have been said to be a silver bullet within organizations. These organizations use enterprise architects to create innovative business strategies through new technology for businesses when planning for the future. Have you ever worked with an enterprise architect? Are you interested in becoming one? What questions do you have about the role? As [...]