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Did you know that 79 million Americans have problems with medical bills or debt? Rarely do these bills get paid through a legal structured settlement. If you were lucky enough to win a structured settlement to help with medical bills and debt caused by an accident, you might be tempted to sell it for a [...]

If you’re investing in real estate, it’s critical that you get the right loan to ensure maximum profitability. Investment loans are all different and you don’t want to mistakenly lose money.  But, learning about investment loans for real estate can be complicated and confusing. To help you understand the process and choose the right loan, [...]

Could you benefit from seeing a financial counselor? If you are looking to save more, stress less about your finances, or form better budgeting and spending habits, then the answer is yes. You don’t need to be in dire financial straits or plotting to become a billionaire to work with a financial adviser. Financial planning should [...]

Property investing has become a booming business over the past decade. Investors have helped stabilize the housing market after the housing crisis of 2008. But what happens to investing in property during a seller’s market when home prices are skyrocketing? We’re also still amidst the pandemic where investors had to deal with the government-issued moratorium on [...]

Cryptocurrency is still a new market, having only been around since 2009. But when it comes to crypto news, the industry is evolving on a daily basis, with constant innovation and new use cases. So much so that the crypto market cap at the end of 2021 reached a whopping $3 trillion.  In 2020, we saw [...]