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Selling is the driving force behind any successful business. Yet, many of us aren’t the best salespeople and aren’t sure how to ensure that we’re helping our business grow. To grow your business, it’s essential that you know the latest sales strategies. This is the only way that you can ensure that you’re always generating [...]

Businesses often fail because they lack knowledge of what their customers want. They might have a list of leads, but they don’t know how to follow up with them. This means that they are wasting time and money on leads that won’t convert into customers. Tracking your leads helps you to understand the conversion rates [...]

Are you tired of watching your business flounder around, hoping to get at least a pro-consumer sliver of the market? Is there something missing that’s holding your business back and driving consumers away at every turn? It could be your marketing. All you need is a fresh perspective on how to get more sales. The [...]

There are nearly half a million call center employees in the United States of America. Each of these people is responsible for contacting potential customers and generating new leads for businesses.  But how much of their time is being wasted away by manual dialing? Were you aware of the existence of auto dialing software that [...]

Did you know that flash sales increase overall sales transactions by about an average of 35%? If you’re wondering whether or not flash sales work, these stats make the answer a resounding “yes!” There’s a unique trait that a flash sale has. It’s the ability to make you buy something you didn’t even know you wanted, [...]